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Review Policies & Disclosures

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Book and Product Review Policy Guidelines:

Mother/Gamer/Writer consists of 2 full-time geeky reviewers: Diayll (owner) and Ariel. M/G/W is open to receiving books and products for Review, Featured Interviews, Guest Posts, Indie Author Spotlight Posts, and Giveaways. We gladly accept ARC’s as well as published books and self-published books (professionally edited). We will accept print copies or e-books (Nook, Kindle edition or PDF files) that can be read on our eReaders. If we select a print copy for review, a shipping address will be provided in an email request. Product reviews are usually completed within a two-week window depending on the item reviewed and length of time needed to see the benefits of the product tested. Our timeline can be modified on a case by case basis, however, this must be stated in the original request. If no timeline is given we will use our own discretion (within reason).


Please Note: Our reviews are our honest opinions. We in no shape or form claim to be professional reviewers, just geeky girls who love books! If we have started reading your novel, we reserve the right not to write a review or DNF a book if:


A) There were too many errors found in the manuscript and it diminished our enjoyment of the novel.

B) For some reason we did not like the book overall (main characters, plot, pacing, etc.).


If a book has been marked as a DNF (did not finish), we may or may not write a quick/detailed review or mark it as such on other reviewing platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. Books reviewed for Blog Tours/Promotions will be reviewed in the same way unless otherwise specified. If we have reviewed your novel and found it to be less than satisfactory, we can offer other services such as an Interview, Guest Post, or Promotional Spotlight.




Our Statistics:

  • Combined Subscriber Count:~400+ (Email, RSS, Networked, Linky)
  • Average Unique Visitors a Month: ~2,200
  • Website Grader: 85
  • Google Page Rank: 3
  • mozRank: 5
  • Twitter Followers: ~1,100+
  • Facebook Fans: ~920+
  • Friends on Goodreads: ~1000+


100 Book ReviewsProfessional Reader



Once A Novel is Reviewed, You Can Expect to See the Review at These Locations:


1) Mother/Gamer/Writer (here)

2) Amazon

3) B & N

4) Goodreads

5) Smashwords and other locations upon request (within reason)


Once A Product is Reviewed, You Can Expect to See the Review at These Locations:

1) Mother/Gamer/Writer (here)

2) Amazon

3) Other locations upon request (within reason)





Reviewer Preferred Book Formats and Genres:


Diayll (Print, Nook, Kindle, and pdf):

  1. Steampunk
  2. Mystery/Thriller
  3. Paranormal
  4. Adult Romance (not Erotica)
  5. YA
  6. Dystopian/Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic
  7. Fantasy, Urban, Epic, and High
  8. Science Fiction
  9. Video Game Novel Tie-ins
  10. Comics and Graphic Novels



Ariel (Print, Kindle, and pdf):

  1. Steampunk
  2. Mystery/Thriller
  3. Paranormal
  4. Adult Romance (not Erotica)
  5. YA
  6. Dystopian/Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic
  7. Fantasy, Urban, Epic, and High
  8. Science Fiction


This blog will NOT review Erotica. We will, however, review some non-fiction, but we are very selective with our choices.




Every Book Review Will Included (unless information cannot be found):


  • Book Cover
  • Author & Publication Information
  • Summary Taken From Goodreads (unless submitted by author)
  • A Detailed (5 Or More Paragraphs) or Quick (3 Paragraphs) Review
  • A Controller Rating Between 1 and 5 Controllers
  • A Crown Rating for Exceptional Novels
  • Reviews Posted on Other Review Outlets
  • Appropriate Links to Book and Author
  • Purchase Link from Book Depository




Rating System:






crown rating
Highest rating, exceptional read or product!




5 Controllers


New Rate 5 Controllers 650x-min

Excellent story or product and something we highly recommend.





4 to 4.5 Controllers


New Rate 4.5 Controllers-min
New Rate 4 Controllers-min
We loved the book or product and will recommend it.




3 to 3.5 Controllers


New Rate 3.5 Controllers-min


New Rate 3.0 Controllers-min


For Products: Decent product, however, some features did not work as advertised.
For Books: (Good Story) It was good. We may disagree with some of the story elements, pacing, character development.




2 to 2.5 Controllers


New Rate 2.5 Controllers-min
New Rate 2 Controllers-min
Heavily flawed book or product we would not recommend.




1 Controller


New Rate 1 Controllers-min

Not recommended for purchase.






DNF ping-min

(Did Not Finish) Hopefully, this will not happen, but if the book is simply unreadable or the product doesn’t work as advertised (or we simply can’t use it), we will not finish reading or reviewing it. We may or may not write a short summary on why we did not like it on Goodreads or Amazon. We do not guarantee reviews of books or products we don’t finish reading or testing, however, you will be notified. We encourage you to resubmit products or books for review if changes are made to the previous version.




FTC Disclosure:

All books/products reviewed at Mother/Gamer/Writer have been purchased by the owner and belong to the owner unless otherwise stated. The owner and associate reviewers of Mother/Gamer/Writer do NOT accept/receive monetary compensation for their reviews. We accept books and products for review in exchange for our honest opinions. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other information about a book should be verified by the business, publisher, or author.



Giveaway Policy:

Unless otherwise stated winners are chosen using You must provide me with your email address at the time of entering the giveaway so that I can contact you if you are the winner. I will also post the winner’s name on Mother/Gamer/Writer the following day that the contest has closed. You will have 48 hours to respond to my email advising you of your winnings, otherwise, another winner will be chosen. I ship all giveaway items through United States Postal Service and at this time ALL contests are only open to US residents (unless otherwise indicated for a particular giveaway). Delivery timelines will vary depending your location. I guarantee that all items are shipped in new condition, however, I am not responsible for items that arrive damaged due to mail delivery service. I will provide you with a tracking number when your item is shipped when possible, however, I am not responsible for lost or stolen items.








Sponsor Disclosure:

This blog may generate an income from ads or links generated from sponsors. This, however, does not affect our opinions on reviews. M/G/W does not contain any content which may be considered a conflict of interest.





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