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Game Reviews




 Gamer Interviews:

 An Interview With Digital Chocolate Product Manager Collin Foss:  Facebook’s New MMO Kings & Warlords
 An  Interview With Andrew Grant, CEO/Founder of Defiant MouseLex Laser Saves The Galaxy, Again





Xbox 360:

Bulletstorm (People Can Fly and Epic Games)

Child of Eden (Ubisoft)

Dragon Age Legends  (EA)

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (343 Industries)

Ms. Splosion Man (Twisted Pixel Games)

Portal 2 (Valve)

Pinball FX 2 – Ms. Splosion Man Table (Zen Studios)

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Review (Double Fine)





Dreambox (Dreambox Learning)

Jump Start Online (Knowledge Adventure)

Little Space Heroes (Bubblegum Interactive)

League Of Legends (Riot Games)

Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures(Sony)

Wizard 101  (KingIsle Entertainment)







Mobile Games:

Ball of Woe (Doppler Interactive )

Jetpack Jinx (Bubblegum Interactive)

Life Quest 2: Metropoville (Big Fish Games)

Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst (Big Fish Games)

Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend (Big Fish Games)






Big Ovens (

Fooducate- Healthy Food Diet (Fooducate, Ltd.)

Myfitnesspal (MyFitnessPal, LLC)

Restaurant Nutrition (Unified Lifestyle)

Sit Ups/ Squats/ Push Ups/Diet Assistant-Weight Loss (Alportela Labs)

Sparkpeople (Sparkpeople)

Teemo: The Fitness Adventure Game (Bonier R&D)

Zombies, Run! & Zombies 5k (Six to Start)