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Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion #2: HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE Ch. 8 -14

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Welcome to our Night Huntress Series Read-a-Long Discussion Post. Today we’re chatting it up about chapters eight through fourteen of Halfway to the Grave. This is not the sign-up post; however, we’d love for you to join us. You can find all the information on how to sign-up RIGHT HERE.










[heading style=”1″]Our Thoughts on Chapters 8-14: [/heading]





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Wow so that tension built and built, and then BAM explodes in a wondrous and fabulous, flesh on flesh, detonation. Did I see it coming? Oh of course, but I didn’t expect it to be so … can words can even do that exchange justice?

But then Cat started giving two craps about what Mommy dearest would think. I mean really? I do understand that it’s because it’s a vampire, and maybe she wouldn’t be shoving that stick back up her “arse” if he were a human … BUT cut the dang chords girl!

However, the scene with the grandparents … priceless.

Bones … oh how I love thee. Funny, sexy, and oh so real in a real-fantasy sort of way. He’s officially taken the place of Shade as my book boyfriend, and you know what did it? It was the idea of his shmexy nakedness, or even that killer accent. It was what Bones does for her, when he comes to tell her about the mission. That right there is love.




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Freaking mother of OMG, where do I begin? Let’s start at chapter eight where things get out of control. Cat and Bones are on a makeshift date so to speak and things start to hit the fan rather quickly. My first instinct when reading the scene in the club was that those two guys were shady. And my mama always told me to NEVER accept a drink I didn’t see get poured! Words of advice Cat could have used! *Cat where is your common sense in this scene?????* Bones dancing with Cat was too cute. She’s so naïve sometimes it drives me insane. I still love her though; I just wish she’d get it together.

Moving on, after Bones discovers Hennessey is at the club and they try to detain him, Cat starts to suffer the consequence of accepting those drinks. She’s obviously been drugged and can’t function enough to kick vampire butt. Thankfully, she is coherent enough to press the panic button and Bones comes to her rescue. When Cat eventually wakes up, she’s assumed she’s slept with Bones and insults his integrity so bad he sends her away. Forcing herself to forget the embarrassing ordeal, Cat goes to school and she meets Stephanie. Never having any friends, Cat tries to be nice and play along. Until, Stephanie turns out to be a psycho and pulls a gun on her. After accidentally – or maybe not – killing the girl, Cat calls Bones to save her a$$ again.

Now we are at chapter twelve and we begin to get a closer look into Bones life and his true agenda. What exactly he’s been up to all these years and why he tortured Cat when they first met. Annnnnnnd…..

This leads us to the ULTIMATE knocking boots scene ever. Seriously, I think this is one of the best smexy scenes I’ve ever read. It was exciting, hot, and very descriptive without being overly explicit. And if you didn’t get flushed afterwards…you weren’t reading it right!!!!



My favorite quote:
“Kitten look at me,” he said flatly.
I blinked. “I am.”
“No, you’re not.” He slid closer, his eyes all green now. “You stare straight through me as if I’m not even there. You look at me…and you don’t see a man. You see a vampire, and therefore accord me less substance. One of the few exceptions was last weekend. I held you and kissed you, watched your eyes light up with desire, and I knew for once you were truly seeing me for all I was. Not just a non-beating heart with a shell around it. I dare you to look at me that way again, now, with no excuse of chemicals to fall back on. I want you.” (Cat and Bones page 158)



*SWOON* I think my heart melted all over the pages. Bones is misunderstood, loyal, and knows how to treat a woman. As Heather stated above, he’s a new book boyfriend. Actually, he’s the Book Boyfriend to END all other book boyfriends. He’s an EPIC Book Boyfriend, and I think we’ll all be fighting over him later!

Before I wrap this up, I must mention the scene with Cat’s grandparents. It was laugh-out-loud funny and totally cute. But her mother, has got to GO! Oh and I loved that the mission took them to Charlotte, North Carolina! Shout out to my home state.





[heading style=”1″]Discussion Questions:[/heading]


  1. What did you think about Bone’s explanation about how he got his name/nickname? (p. 113)
  2. What do you think about the scene in the club? Cat’s interaction with Bones and letting loose? Did you realize what the two men were trying to do?
  3. What was your impression of Hennessey and his operation?
  4. What did you think about their first time? Hot or Not? Cat’s reaction afterwards?(p. 158-167)
  5. What do you think about humans drinking blood and having vampire strength reminiscent of True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse novels? (p. 156)
  6. What are your thoughts on her grandparents?
  7. What do you think about Cat always second guessing Bones? ( example p. 182-184)
  8. What are your favorite quotes?
  9. What were your favorite scenes?



Remember you don’t have to answer all the questions. These are just some areas we found interesting while reading and thought they’d make a good point of reference if you aren’t sure what you’d like to discuss. #CatBonesRA




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