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Digital Comic Books Give Fans a New and Exciting Experience

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Digital comic books are a new hit amongst fans for their affordability, convenience and accessibility. Although some industry traditionalist will always prefer the paper back version, websites like have been releasing digital comic books that have fans enjoying the benefits of the online age.

One of the perks of being a digital comic book fan is the ability to check the progress of your favorite stories. Recently on they gave fans an early-stage look at some of the artwork and story lines that are being developed in their latest digital comic book that is set to be released in the Summer of 2013. Users that sign up on the site are able to receive a free digital comic book as well as be able to watch the team at transform their original idea to a finished product for falls all across the world.

Recently digital comic books have become a hot topic issue with the comic book giant, Marvel. Fans were excited at the SXSW conference when Marvel announced that they would be teaming up with the digital comic book provider ComiXology in a partnership that was going to release 700+ comics for fans to view on their computers, smartphones or tablets.


witchblade RedemptionThe reaction was overwhelming and fans flocked so fast to get their hands on the new material, that they flooded the systems at ComiXology. The CEO and co-founder of the company, David Steinberger, said that they were so overwhelmed by the amount of traffic to the website that they are still having trouble keeping the systems up. For now, fans will have to wait because Marvel and ComiXology have suspended the project indefinitely.

There has been interesting gaming news that may change the way we look at video games forever. There has been a quick evolution in gaming from the Nintendo to the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, but will the next level of gaming be played in our heads? Recently some of these next-generation products were on display at the Neuro-Gaming Conference and Expo in San Francisco. This first-of-its-kind conference brought together some of the industry experts who had the next wave of gaming on display.

Gaming now on devices like the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii do involve the body motion of the player. But the new era of gaming could include heart rate, breathing patters, eye movement and even facial analysis. Advancements in technology have been made possible by cheaper sensors, growth in computer processing and a new haptic sensation technology.

There are also accessories that are in the works that will be an upgrade to the current offers that Xbox and PlayStation offer. One product that was on display at the Neuro-Gaming Conference and Expo was a reactive grip razer hydra prototype. This technology allows for the gamer to have the real feel of a gun kickback or a tennis racquet swing. The technology inside will be able to produce the feelings that are similar to the real life event. So gamers will be able to enjoy the games that they have now, while still being excited for the future.