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Blog Tour Review: Playing Hooky Rita Webb

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Welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer for the Playing Hooky Review Tour. For today’s tour stop, please enjoy our review of this bittersweet and heart-warming read.





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Title: Playing Hooky
Series: Paranormal Investigations
Publication Date: 1/21/2013
Pages: Novella (100)
Amazon • Goodreads

[note color=”#ffc56b”]

Valentine’s Day.

And my 21st birthday.


Just another college day full of classes and more homework than is humanly possible.

…until Jason, my best-friend-since-kindergarten, shows up to take me out for the day.

Like old times: the two of us on a wacky adventure, playing hooky from real life. With his lopsided grin and tickets to a circus full of misfits and monsters, he introduces me to a whole new world—one full of magic and mystery—and turns my reality upside down.

Except nothing goes as planned, and we end up running through the city to find a missing siren before someone brews a love potion with her blood.

Sirens and love potions, witches and elves, and Valentine kisses. Nothing will be the same for me again.[/note]






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This story follows young Emily’s journey into the realm of the unreal, as she discovers things she never thought possible, meets an unlikely enemy, and finds love in a surprising source.


The main focus of the book was, of course, the romance aspect initiated between Emily and her best friend. She had been struggling with romantic feelings with him for some time, and over the course of the novel, she finally gains the courage to explore these feelings within her. I thought it was a bittersweet, light-hearted read, for those of you looking for a teenage best-friend romance, this is a great read for you.


One of the significant concepts of the issue was the ‘masks’ we put on top of ourselves to shield our true identities, exemplified by a certain protagonist’s complete character change. Although this revelation was, indeed, surprising, I don’t believe it was executed as well as it could have been; perhaps due to the short length of the novel, with simply too little time to characterize, or because the main focus of the book was, as previously stated, on the romance.


I was quite disappointed in the development of the novel, to me, it was simply rushed too fast. The plot-twists and turns seemed too predictable, replicated in too many Young Adult novels, and I really wish that the author would have taken such an innovative idea and put her own original spin on it.


Lastly, I do not believe that the paranormal spin of the novel bode well with the realism that was constantly exemplified throughout the story. When reading a paranormal novel, it gives off the image of irrationality and fantasy: a reader will gladly temporarily suspend their disbelief to enjoy the story the author has to tell. The two writing styles: sometimes realistic and sometimes temporary, often clashed with each other, leaving me puzzled and befuddled at the same time.


Overall, I believe it was an enjoyable, quick read. Anyone looking for a fast-paced romance will love this one, as will paranormal/fantasy novel lovers. Happy reading!



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