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Gaming & Tech: Stay Fit All Year Long With These Healthy Food Apps

The New Year is well on a roll and by now many of us have already fallen off the wagon or slacking badly. No worries though because it is never too late pull yourself out of the rut and start fresh. I have accumulated some of the best food apps I have myself have installed and tried and want to pass onto you the reader! If they work for you, drop me a note and let me know. As a side note, I am an Android user and therefore some of these apps might not be available for Windows phones of iPhones. Well, here goes…







Fooducate- Healthy Food Diet;
By Fooducate, Ltd.

This is a relatively new app but it is so very easy to use and nice on the eyes. Fooducate is an app that allows the user to scan an items UPC code and it breaks down the items ingredients so even kids can understand if it is healthy for them or not giving each item a letter grade. It has been featured on The Dr’s television show and Fooducate even ha their own YouTube channel featuring a plethora of videos on nutrition and the app itself.


Check them out on YouTube:


I liked the ease of this app and how easy it is understand. It is pretty in depth on letting you know the food grade quality such as GMO, vegan, or organic and since it is free, why not at least try it?



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Restaurant Nutrition; By Unified Lifestyle

Restaurant Nutrition; By Unified Lifestyle.



Not all of us have access to a Panera or Burger Lounge, where we know the food is from the finest ingredients and the labels are easy to read and contain only the simplest names. Unified Lifestyle gives eaters a new identity on eating and allows them to take their health and portion control on the go and with the greatest of ease. Since moving to California a few months back, I have taken notice that the majority of restaurants have the calorie counts next the food items listed. This has made a major impact on my food choices as when I see the frappe I so dearly love has more calories than the Big Mac, I should probably opt for water; and I do. And it shows. I have dropped seven pounds without adjusting my normal lifestyle outside of the way I eat. It really is that easy. Give it a try as it is free.



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Big Ovens

BigOvens; By



BigOven is a free app with a user friendly database of over 250,000 recipes to work from. This is one of those apps I have become addicted to as it is so versatile.  It has recipes to suit every palate and my favorite option is the “Use Up Leftovers” option that’s help you figure out what to make with the leftover roast from last night. With a built in shopping list and kitchen pantry option, if used correctly, you can drastically cut down your grocery. Only have a few things left in the house and need ideas? BigOvens can help you with that also. Simply plug in the two or three ingredients you do have and like magic it will show you a list of recipes for those items.
This is also a great app for the men in our lives who haven’t figured out the art of cooking. Again, this is a free app so why not give it a try?



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My Fitness Pal

Myfitnesspal; ByMyFitnessPal, LLC



Myfitnesspal is one of the Top Developers in the Play store with over 240k 5 star ratings giving this app 4.8 out of 4 stars. Pretty impressive. I had been using the SparkPeople App and website for several years, but when they started making people pay for the app, I opted for a newer app. My husband actually showed me this app and at first I wasn’t impressed. It is all blue and grey, and to me, those two colors schemes just scream depressing and “Yes, I’m fat and lazy and now I will record how fat and lazy I am.” Whereas SparkPeople is oranges and reds and very invigorating. Put aside the poor color choice and this app is packed with a variety of tools from calorie counter and over 2 million foods in the database, a food intake manager, exercise manager, and a wealth of tools and it’s all for free! Definitely recommend installing this one and giving it a try for a while and you’ll eventually be able to look past the emo user interface.



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Teemo Fitness Adventure Game

Teemo: The Fitness Adventure Game; By Bonier R&D



While I don’t usually feature iTunes apps (because I don’t own one) I wanted to feature this social fitness app which is much like the Zombies!!Run!! app I featured last month. I already see social fitness apps as being the next upcoming hot item to hit the fitness market. This comes in especially targeted at casual gamers, which are generally women. I read on their Facebook page, “If you have time to Facebook, you have time for exercise.” And what can be better than a social game where you play against your friends and get to the game at the same time you take a nice casual walk for 10, 30, 60 minutes? Exercise is a lot easier than we think and always so many excuses there is probably already a book on exercise excuses. It’s a free app. So download and give it at least one week. You might find burning some calories fun!






Reader Question: What are you doing to accomplish your fitness goals this year?