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Facebook’s New MMO Kings & Warlords: An Interview With Digital Chocolate Product Manager Collin Foss

Here at M/G/W you know we love to bring you exclusive interviews and featured content. Today it’s my pleasure to welcome Collin Foss to the blog to give you, our readers, and inside look at Digital Chocolate’s new Facebook MMO (yes you heard right), Kings & Warlords. Kings & Warlords is a MMO Strategy game with state-of-the-art production values and an advanced tactical combat system. If you thought social gaming was old and boring, then this is the game for you. Check it out and make sure you head over to Facebook right now to start playing and put your name on the leaderboards. Ready, set, game on…










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1.     Welcome Collin to Mother/Gamer/Writer, for those readers and gamers who are not familiar with your work can you briefly tell us a little bit about your company?[/note]

Digital Chocolate is a leader in mid-core social games across rapidly growing social networks and mobile platforms, and is best known for games including Galaxy LifeCrazy Penguin, Zombie LaneMillionaire City, and Army Attack.  Digital Chocolate has operations in San Mateo, Helsinki, Barcelona, and Bangalore. Please visit for more information.




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2.     Kings & Warlords is an strategy MMO available now on Facebook. What’s the inspiration behind the game and the characters we can look forward to playing?[/note]
When we started developing Kings & Warlords we knew what we wanted to create, a social strategic game with depth and beautiful graphics. Naturally we’d like you to try it out for yourself and let us know how we’ve done. What you’ll expect from K&W is a game with an integrated alliance system, an advanced battle system, a massive world with up to 117,000 other players and visually stunning character animations. Included in there is you at the driver’s seat. Where you are the main character and it is your story being told.





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3.     The highlight of the game seems to be the advanced combat system. Can you tell us a little bit about creating the system to appeal to both the casual and hardcore gamer?[/note]

As you pointed to one of the core aspects of these types of games is the attacking or battling with non-player characters or other players. What you will find when playing Kings and Warlords is that the decisions you make really affect the end outcome of the battle. Where the types of troops, (front-line, back-line, flank), and formation (how your troops are set up on the battlefield) really can mean the difference between victory and defeat. I definitely encourage you to try it out!

As to making appeal to casual users that’s something that we are continuing to work on. Most people think that it means “dumbing it down.” How we see it was just about making this feature more approachable and usable so that most users could understand what happens in the battle. This has been an iterative process for us and we continue strive to make this welcoming to casual users without sacrificing the depth which makes it such an intriguing feature in the game.



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4.     What is the importance of research and how is it integral to the gameplay?[/note]
Research plays a huge role in your overall gameplay. Players can research technologies that give benefits to your economy, production rate, costs of production, etc.  As well Military technologies can be researched that unlock more advanced units and give boosts to existing ones. Additionally players earn power by researching which is critical to gaining more ground on the map and rising the ranks on the leader-board.



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5.     Is it important for players to form an Alliance or can they make it through this massive world on their own?[/note]
We highly recommend players to join alliances. Not only is it great to have someone who always has your back but furthermore players gain boosts to their kingdoms that is otherwise not available to those without alliances. In the end Kings and Warlords is a game about strategy and conquest and how you choose to play the game is up to you.






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6.     Lastly, now that we’re armed with information and ready to play, do you have any advice or strategies or suggestions for rising to the top of the leaderboards?[/note]

Gladly, the best advice I can give is to check your battle reports! They provide important information regarding how your troops fared in the battle. Specifically you can see how the flank, front-line, and backline strength was reduced over time as the battle progressed.
As for rising to the top of the leaderboards I would suggest focus first on foundation of your kingdom, resources then go for research and training troops. This flow will allow you to secure a solid footing while unlocking units and then using those troops to raid Black Knight camps (Non-player kingdoms) for resources and further extend your influence on the world.




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The Trailer:

The Black Knight has risen and taken over your lands. Lead your army to battle and use strategy to ensure your victory!