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The Indie Spotlight – Review and Giveaway: Aladdin’s Samovar by Lauren Sweet

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Today please welcome Featured Author, Lauren Sweet to The Indie Spotlight. Her novel, Aladdin’s Samovar, is an enticing tale of filled with mystery, surprises and tons of laughter. It’s one of those novels that’s a rare Indie gem and you’ll see why in AimeeKay’s 4.5 Controller review! Check it out and enter to win a copy!





The Indie Spotlight – Review and Giveaway: Aladdin’s Samovar by Lauren SweetAladdin's Samovar by Lauren Sweet
Published by: Self Published on September 24, 2011
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal
Pages: 280
Format: eBook
Source: Author Submitted

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About the Book:

A nice, normal, boring life—that’s all Amber Polaski ever wanted. One where she’s not unchaining her flaky New Age mom from endangered trees, bailing her out of jail, or getting dragged to naked pagan rituals. But when Amber finds a sexy genie in her antique brass samovar, any hope of normal goes up in smoke.

It’s just one tiny little wish—to find her long-lost father. What could go wrong?

Plenty. Dad shows up, all right—with a computer drive full of stolen data and angry mobsters hot on his trail. Now Amber has Fugitive Dad holed up in her Manville, NJ duplex, fending off the Mafia on one side and the FBI on the other. And she has Jasper the genie lounging in her blue plush recliner, conjuring chocolate chip cookies and passing himself off as her boyfriend. While Jasper is trying to tempt Amber with more disastrous wishes—and his seriously hot thousand-year-old body—Amber and her mom are forced to fight off Mafia assassins with nothing but chutzpah and household appliances.

It’s time for Amber to call in the B-team: Iggy the homeless dwarf, Tim the ecoterrorist, and Wanda the Fairy Dogmother with her pack of Happy Puppies. Together, they need to save Dad before the Mob makes him disappear again—permanently!






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I had so much fun reading Aladdin’s Samovar.   It was a fun and entertaining ride. There are a few things that I wish I could change (yes pun intended) but the good outweighs them. Let’s start with the good.


First, I loved Sweet’s characters. I got lucky enough to get another main character that I really enjoyed reading about.  Amber is far from perfect…but she is funny and endearing.  I also really got attached to some of the supporting characters as well.  Indigo was definitely amusing, she pretty much steals every scene she is in.  Then there are people like Wanda, the Fairy Dogmother, her soul mate Tim, and ALL the VERY happy puppies! I even found myself laughing at the bad guys and eagerly waiting for what they would say or do next.


Second I loved her description of The Garden State. There’s one part where she describes the landscape and how it goes from industrial to farmland in basically the blink of an eye. I’m from Jersey so I can say her descriptions were spot on.


Third the story itself just rolled right along.  There was always something happening, even when it wasn’t a huge action scene.  Sweet even made reading about Amber running the bottle company amusing!


The only two issues I have with the story mainly revolve around Jasper.


One, I wish I could have found out more about him.  The story hints at his back story, but there really isn’t anything conclusive about the genie.  Not how he became a genie or his powers or even his genie supervisors.  All these things are teased at, but that’s all and it kinda felt like there should have been more.


Two, there is this underlying sexual tension between Amber and Jasper.  They even start to get hot and heavy but then it, like his back story, just goes nowhere.  It hints that there could be a relationship brewing between the two, even to the point that Jasper is breaking rules just for Amber because he cares about her.  But the story never really gives any conclusion to their romance.  And I don’t mean just between the sheets, but they never even get into whether she cares about him or not.  It just seemed with some of the build up earlier on in the book that there would be some definite romance by the end. Amazingly, this is the second book I’ve read where I’ve also wondered about the romantic build up that went nowhere, so maybe it is a new trend?


Overall though, I really enjoyed this one. It was fast paced and funny. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5 controllers if only because it felt like something was missing because of the lack of background or info on Jasper.  However as for the characters themselves I want to give the author 5 out of 5 royalty award controllers, her characters were REALLY funny and even without going into an in depth background on all of them I found myself wanting to read more about them.



My Rating

4.5 Out Of 5 Controllers

rate 4-half

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About Lauren Sweet

Lauren Sweet was born and raised in New Jersey, spending her formative years sneaking books under her desk to read during math class. After working in business administration for way too many years, she finally escaped to Alaska and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of Alaska Anchorage. Lauren now lives near Portland, OR, and is a freelance writer and editor. Her other esoteric skills include astrology, figure skating, and the ability to do a perfect split.