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Game Review: Ball of Woe by Doppler Interactive on Google Play

It’s bizarre. It’s dark. It makes you want to brush your teeth. It’s…. Ball of Woe!










Ball of Woe a

strange, dark tale for iPhone, iPad and Android devices is

now available on the

App Store and Google Play.



Ball of Woe is a dark tale of prayers gone awry.

You play as a tired, dusty God – subject to the repeated, whining lamentations of the citizens of Nicetown.

“Free us from sadness!” they say.

“End our suffering!” they plead.

And so you oblige, rolling their sadness up into a ball and pushing it away from Nicetown.

Along the way you meet the denizens of Nicetown

You pull their skin clean off

You engage in a little light mail tampering

and gradually you learn more and more about the world

and the deal-with-the-devil that they have made.





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Ball of Woe by Doppler Interactive on Google Play



I recently took the time to review Doppler Interactive’s game Ball of Woe and had really mixed reviews of it. I played this game for a substantial amount of time to make sure I was rating it properly and not giving it enough playtime. While I did give it a 3 rating, I feel that is being mildly generous and here is why…


Game Genre- 3D action puzzle platform game


Graphics- 3D vibrantly designed cell shading. The graphics themselves are very well done. The textures aren’t noticeably repetitive, and the color choices flow nicely from area to area. I really like the patchwork design and overall, Jessica, the artist behind the graphics, are what keep this game afloat.


Audio– The looping music was cute for the first 5 minutes and then it just felt repetitive. I would try including music that changed as the player progressed, giving the player a sense of urgency by speeding up the music, or adding suspense by altering the tone. All ways, to again, keep the player engaged and satisfied longer as audio plays a major role in any gaming experience.



Gameplay– The start is very confusing. I had no idea what the character was taking about. Office jibber maybe? Which didn’t make sense since here I was, this patchwork ball, just trying to stay on the platform and make it to…heaven? I’m not even sure if there was an actual tutorial as it just dumps you in the the game and are made to really figure it out on your own. The UI is poorly designed with placement of what needs to be done obsolete. A yellow thumbs up in the right lower corner means I’m ready to proceed? I also found myself on numerous occasions stuck between a rock(bush or person) and my puff sticks and having to wait for them to eventually disappear before I could proceed, which totally felt like I was wasting my time. Would have been nice to double tap on the sticks to remove them from the scene. There was also no real player reward. I found after 20 minutes I was still below 5000 points and nowhere near the amount needed to upgrade my ball. At least let there be some type of ball upgrade more frequently. Gamers need to feel they can reach and achieve short-term goals and not feel the goals are unattainable. Instant gratification is a gamer’s best friend and will pull them into the game and keep them playing despite any annoying game issues, such as the UI and game difficulty.


Pros-The graphics and audio are very well done and easily draw you to the game to want to check it out.

Cons– The UI is un-user friendly and it just leaves a players feeling unrewarded as the initial goal to upgrade their ball is extremely high.


Conclusion– This game does have an original storyline, though game play wise I do see a mix of Katamari meets Temple Run, both huge hit games. I see a lot of potential with this game, and therefore explains the in depth critique as nobody wants their creative designs sugar coated just to appease the artist/designer, which is often seen in the critiques of the gaming sites and magazines. I definitely haven’t given up on this game and see big potential in their future. Listen to your honest critiques, work to correct the parts that would make it better, and this game could easily be a “paid” game making it worth the time and effort they have put into it.




My Rating

3 out of 5 Controllers

rate - 3

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Currently available for iOS and Android Devices.

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About Doppler Interactive
Doppler Interactive is a cosy, twoperson development team based in Sydney, Australia. Doppler Interactive is composed of Joshua McGrath software developer, beardowner, occasional 3Dmodeller; and Jessica Ellis textureartist and designer of ultrabizarregame concepts. They divide their time between deepspace salvaging for scrap (figuratively), and developing games and tools using the Unity game engine. Ball of Woe is the first entry in the greater “Welcome to Nicetown” universe. Before Ball of Woe, they created Tidy TileMapper (a tool for painting game maps in Unity) and did a little Game Jamming at Global Game Jam 2012 with “The Life and Times of Pepper Jack”.
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