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Pinball FX 2 – Ms. Splosion Man Table Review (XBLA)

The recently released Ms. Splosion Man Pinball table for Pinball FX 2 was developed by Zen Studios and is available for 240 MSP. A copy was given to Gamer Fit Nation for review purposes. Many thanks to them for allowing me to do the review! 

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She’s back and she’s not alone. Twisted Pixel and Zen Studios created a match made in Heaven when Zen combined pinball and the brilliantly colorful game Ms. Splosion Man. If you are looking for something other than the dark and ominous Marvel tables, then look no further. Utilizing the same bright pink, blue, and neon visually appealing art style, fans get to experience the quirky, bubbly, and Macarena dancing Ms. Splosion Man all over again. And lucky for gamers this table does not disappoint. It’s fast-paced, energetic, demanding, and oh so fun.
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So what makes this table worthy of your attention? Every aspect of the table draws on the best characteristic of the original game. Not only do you get to see the loveable Ms. Splosion mansplode all over the place, but other well known characters make an appearance in the game as well. In fact, the object of this game is to defeat Mighty Eternal in order to save a captured Splosion Man. However before Splosion Man can be saved, players must battle their way through various intricately made challenges.


A challenge begins when a player draws Mighty Eternal from his perch at the center of the table down to the upper left corner and then strikes his head with a couple of easily placed shots. Once activated, he sinks down into the table and players will then need to perform several skilful ramp and orbit shots (in order) before time runs out. But of course that’s not even the tricky part. Evil scientist will put up force fields on certain ramps and once again it’s your job to break those made of glass thereby knocking out the force fields power.

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In the midst of all the excitement, you can also activate several bonuses. Collecting the letters Z-I-P will enable you to shoot the ball down the zip line. If a player collects the letters C-A-N-N-O-N it will also unlock a cannon surprise. In the same fashion, if you go up the spiral ramp 3 times a random bonus will be activated. Sound like a bit too much? Well if you played the original Ms. Splosion Man game then you can expect the same intensity and tedious mastery in order to conquer this table.



In the end if you succeed Splosion Man will be freed. It will probably take you countless hours, but really, did you expect anything less? So spend those measly 240 Microsoft Points and get an awesome table for Pinball FX2. You won’t regret it!




Grab These Achievements If You Can:


Sploded! (5) Perform 100 Splodes on the Ms. Splosion Man table. (Single player only)
Kick it! (15) Make a Kicker combo on the Ms. Splosion Man table. (Single player only)
You are all-Mighty! (30) Defeat the Mighty Eternal on the Ms. Splosion Man table. (Single player only)




My Rating:


8.5 out of 10