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{Chime In Topic #5} Heroes and Heartbreakers

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Today, we’re talking Heroes and Heartbreakers. Yup, those good guys you love to swoon after and those bad boys you can’t live without. Check out some of my favorite heroes and epic heartbreakers!






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Eric Northman from The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris



Really, does a girl need to explain her reasons for having a love/hate relationship with Eric? He was made to wear the crown of bad boy and isn’t afraid to show it. Seriously, he’s a vampire who believes in duty more than love, and doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his inevitable way. I love him, I don’t know why. Maybe it has to do with those steamy smexy encounters with Sookie?





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Jericho Z. Barrons from The Fever Series by Karen M. Moning



Barrons, Barrons, Barrons, I’d give all of my limbs just to be with you. Maybe that’s a little extreme for a man who knows how to push the woman he loves away. But who cares really? Like they say in the country, I’d sop you up with a biscuit. Go ahead, hurt me. But make it so worth my while…





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Warner from The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

Unravel Me


No writer could have created a more disturbed individual than Mafi did with Warner. This guy will drive you to the precipice of insanity and have your stomach birthing butterflies in the next second. He oozes sexiness, from his scalp to his toenails and I love him. Adore him. Can’t live without MORE of him.





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The Darkling from The Grisha Trilogy #1 by: Leigh Bardugo

shadow and bone


The Darkling is not just bad, he’s evil incarnate. But I love him and his ruthless ways. Though I’m not sure I could handle a trip to crazy town just to be his girlfriend. On second thought, I think I’d chance it. What girl doesn’t want a man to sweep her off her feet and make her feel exceptionally powerful at the same time?





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Alastor from the Spiritus Series by Dana Michelle Burnett

spiritus series


What girl wouldn’t want her own personal ghost following her around like a creepy stalker? Not many I assume, but Burnett brought the wild hunger and burning passion when she created Alastor in her Spiritus series. Yes, he’s a little psycho but in the end he loves his woman, and that’s the reason I love him.





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Hector Dean from The Alien Huntress Series #7 by Gena Showalter

 Dark Taste of Rapture


Not only can Hector kill a man with his touch, but he can melt a girl with his carnal appetite.  Yummy, and oh-so delicious, he could easily fit into the hero or heartbreaker category but I placed him here for the simple fact that this is one Alpha Male who I want to save me. I’ll play the damsel in distress any day just to cuddle up in his lethal arms.





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Bram Griswold from the Gone With the Respiration Series by Lia Habel

Dearly Departed, Dearly Beloved


This is the guy who made me fall in love with zombies. Sexy zombies? Yeah, who knew they existed. But they do, and boy is Bram scrumptious! He may be falling apart on the outside but he’s heart is well put together and he always seems to say and do the right things. I love this man, and can’t wait to read more of his story.





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Alex from the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver



As I began listening to the newly released Requiem (the last of the trilogy), I realized how much my heart was breaking for Alex. I adored him tremendously in Delirium and what happened to him at the end of the novel, ripped my heart from my chest. Oliver practically ground her stilettos all over it. Gosh, I want to cry. Our sweet and innocent bundle of smexiness is back and with a vengeance. *cries*





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Sam from the Newsoul Series by Jodi Meadows



Sam is old, and has lived many lives. He’s sweet, gentle, and makes beautiful music with his leading lady Ana. He’s the guy you want to take home to your mother, and the bring back to your house for a long night of…well you get the idea.






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Ashallayn’ darkmyr Tallyn from the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa


the iron knight

I only read the last book in this series, but boy do I feel like I’ve missed out on something EPIC! Ash was harsh, but in a completely awesome way. His determination is something to be envied and I think he’s the sweetest thing since pumpkin pie. I hate I missed the rest of the series and I hope, no I PRAY I can read it for the TBR challenge this year. I miss him so much! *sighs*











So dear readers now I ask you, who are your favorite heroes and bad boy heartbreakers?





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