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Tap Your Way to Fun With Three Android Games From Big Fish Games!

Who doesn’t want to try a new game every day? Well at Big Fish Games that’s exactly what you can do! From family friendly, to puzzle, check out these three games and tap, touch and turn your way to fun!








Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend


Voodoo Whisperer Curse of a Legend


 4 out of 5 controllers


Game Genre– Casual/Mystery/Puzzle Game with mini-games

Cost– Free version and an extended version for $2.99

Graphics– Superb graphics. Big Fish didn’t skimp at all on the detail of  the graphics in this game, as well as most of their games.

Audio-The music and ambient sounds aren’t to repetitive and you can easily play this game without ever turning it off.


Gameplay– I love that this game didn’t just play an intro and then toss you into the story as many games do. You do have an options to complete a walk through tutorial or to skip it, which was a pleasant perk as often I find I love the challenge of skipping the tutorials and figuring out games as I go. This is a static 2D game, which no side scroll options and is reliant upon touching certain areas of the screen to take you to the next area or to pop up a window with a picture or message in it. The user interface is simple and suffice but the placement of the foot to take you to the previous screen is located to close to the inventory so it is easy to open up the inventory when trying to go back, or to go back when trying to open up the inventory. It as a basic drag and drop feature to utilize the objects and interact with the game itself which makes the make appealing.


Pros-The graphics make this small game more pleasurable to play. The puzzles are very engaging and vary, which can be confusing at first as you try and figure out what the puzzles are asking of you. The help eye can be of some assistance for the most part. The story is very appealing as you can sympathize with the young girl as she carries this heavy burden of being the only person who can save them.


Cons– I played on a Samsung Galaxy Note II so I have a much bigger screen than most phones. While I found the font to be quite small, I wouldn’t want to try and read the smaller font on a different device. At best, I would recommend saving this game for your Tablet or Kindle unless you don’t mind squinting. The volume of items to search through to locate the missing items can be daunting on such a little screen. In the first mini search and find, sunflower seeds was on the list but they were so small, that in spite of them being obviously in the middle of the screen in plain site, I had to use the assist eye to find them and only then could I vaguely make out they were sunflower seeds. The footprint that allows you to move from one area to another is directly above the inventory and every time I went to press it, the inventory would open, which was rather frustrating at times.


Conclusion: Over all, I really liked this game. I like puzzle games and I find them a great way to pass time when I don’t have a book on hand or just waiting on something. This game is well suited for all ages, though my 9 year old daughter thought it a tad creepy. If you are looking for a non-run of the mill puzzle game with more than just “hidden object” puzzles, try this one out. It’s free after all!




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Life Quest 2: Metropoville

 Life Quest 2 Metropoville

 5 out of 5 controllers


Game Genre– Simulation/Casual play

Cost- Free version and an extended version for $1.99

Graphics– non-realistic/cartoon/cell shaded

Audio– repetitive music, sound effects were appropriate and corresponded nicely with the actions of my character


Gameplay– This game uses a static screen and the player just presses the area of the screen according to the choices they want to make. It is very cut and dry as far as options which suits it perfectly. Much like a typical simulation game, your goal is to sustain your character while providing an income, fun, sleep, and other social aspects typical to most humans.


Pros-If you like the Sims but find the length to which to keep your Sim happy is insane, then this is the game for you. The only worries you have are food, sleep, and happiness, which doesn’t sound like much until you start trying to go to college, the gym, or even move into a bigger home.


Cons- It will suck you in and suck dry the time you had set aside to say, I don’t know, cook dinner for the family… You will soon become the queen of excuses with phrases such as, “Just a second,” and “Let me just do this.”


Conclusion- This is a great family game. While I wouldn’t say it is a game you can play briefly (if you have an addictive personality like mine) it definitely will provide you with a lot of fun and relaxation from the real world; if even for a little while.





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Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhearst

Return to Ravenhearst 

3 out of  5 controllers


Game Genre– Casual/Mystery/Puzzle Game with mini-games

Cost- Free version and an extended version for $1.99

Graphics– As always, Big Fish Games have gone all out with beautifully captivating graphics. The textures are well done and the game itself glows with everything that makes Ravenhurst a Mystery.

Audio– The audio was probably the best feature of this game. It changes enough you don’t have to turn it off and the sound effects add a life of their own. Paired with the visual special effects, this game is stunningly designed.


Gameplay–  After a brief introduction, this game just tosses you out on your own for the most part, which was fine, because it was pretty straight forward. It is a typical 2D game that is dependent upon touching certain areas of the screen to take you were you need to go as there is no side scroll option. A simple pull up option on the user interface shows all of the items in your inventory and when you need to use any of the items, merely dragging them to the correct place makes them usable.


Pros– The graphics, audio, sound effects, and storyline are all very well done. Having more than just hidden objects as a puzzle does add to the games playability. The detail is exquisite and one can tell their artists and designers truly love their jobs. I absolutely loved the messages received when you don’t do something right. They are riddled with sarcasm, but not in an offensive manner and I urged me to keep doing nonsensical stuff just to make them appear.


Cons– The game actually gave me a headache to play as my eyes were so strained to find the objects and then figure in the added animation graphics that flicker, flow, flash etc that by the end of the first hidden object puzzle I had to turn off the game and come back to it later. I play on a Samsung Galaxy Note II, so I have the added luxury of a larger screen, but the font is very small to read and the objects even harder to find. In spite of having the option to zoom in and out, this feature is invalid since if you zoom in it becomes all pixelated.


Conclusion- I gave it a rating of only 3 because who wants to play a game that gives them a headache? I think turning down some of the visuals by making them sharper instead of the current blur effects would drastically help the eyes not constantly try and refocus everything. While visually stunning, the special effects were a nice touch, but shouldn’t be active while playing the games as it adds to the visual strain. Overall, this game has a fabulous story, lots of player directive, and an easy casual play for all ages.




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