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Title: A Once Crowded Sky 
Author: Tom King
ISBN-13: 9781451652000
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 7/10/2012
Pages: 336
Review Source: Publisher
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The superheroes of Arcadia City fight a wonderful war and play a wonderful game, forever saving yet another day. However, after sacrificing both their powers and Ultimate, the greatest hero of them all, to defeat the latest apocalypse, these comic book characters are transformed from the marvelous into the mundane.

After too many battles won and too many friends lost, The Soldier of Freedom was fine letting all that glory go. But when a new threat blasts through his city, Soldier, as ever, accepts his duty and reenlists in this next war. Without his once amazing abilities, he’s forced to seek the help of the one man who walked away, the sole hero who refused to make the sacrifice–PenUltimate, the sidekick of Ultimate, who through his own rejection of the game has become the most powerful man in the world, the only one left who might still, once again, save the day.







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I’m torn with A Once Crowded Sky.


The story itself kept me reading it only because I really wanted to find out what happened in the end.  I wanted to see who the bad guy was and what twists and turns were going to be thrown into the mix.  I liked the idea of seeing how superheroes react to losing their powers and how they try to acclimate back into non-super human society. Also, there was just the right amount of plot twists without it becoming terribly annoying or confusing.


However, even though I was interested in the story, I just didn’t feel like I connected or really even cared about what happened to the characters themselves.  Maybe because of how the story jumps back and forth between different characters?  Or how it jumps back and forth between the present and the past.  I really can’t put my finger on it…but even by the end I didn’t care who lived or who died, I just wanted to see the whole reason behind The Blue and to see how the author tied everything together.


The book is solid.  It’s well written.  The action scenes are good and there is enough moment between them to keep the reader reading.  There didn’t seem to be any obvious plot holes and there was lots of background on at least the main characters.  There’s even some awesome comic art as well.  But, it just seemed as if there was something missing. Maybe it’s just me.  I’m giving it 3 controllers out of 5.  I think it was mainly just me not being able to connect.  So if the book itself looks like something you would be interested in give it a shot. As I said before, it is well written and I can’t find any real flaws with it, it just didn’t pull me in.




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