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{Gaming & Tech} Our Favorite Gadgets from CES

Some of you may know that the Consumer Electronics Convention (CES) 2013 was last month shedding light of what is to come and look forward to in the tech world. I easily could go on and on about my favorite gadget, gaming device, electronics, and whatnot, but I have to narrow it down. Here are my favorite highlights of the convention in no particular order.










[heading style=”1″] Nvidia Shield[/heading]



Here we have everyone’s favorite graphic company, Nvidia, debuting their first ever portable gaming console, Nvidia Shield.


Nvidia Shield




This little powerhouse, no bigger than the Wii U controller, will pack a quadcore Tegra 4 processor, a flip screen that folds flush , and all the bells and whistles typical of an Xbox or PS3 controller.  With a 5-10 gaming time on the battery, it will definitely give Nintendo a run for its money if not purely based n graphics. Running on the standard Android platform, it will connect to a cloud player allowing it to be used for PC gaming that utilizes Nvidia GeForce graphics and Android based gaming. The best part is the capability to play in multiplayer mode and its sleek design packed with all of the standard jacks on most machines and a microSD slot for the hardest core of players. While no price was revealed, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang expects this gaming device to hit the shelves in as little as a few months. I know I am thoroughly impressed and have been on the market for a decent handheld since the original PSP, which I didn’t care to game on to often as the flatness just leaves my hands cramped from its lack of ergonomical design. Will this be your next console purchase?





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[heading style=”1″]The Xi3 Steam Box[/heading]



Valve just keeps topping itself from their free Unreal Engine Developers Kit for Steam, constant killer sales on software, and ease of usage across computers; it was no shock that the announcement of the Xi3 Steam Box hit the media feeds with lightning speed.



The Xi3 Steam Box




Don’t let the size of this gaming console fool you. Measuring in at only 4.22” x 3.66”x 3.66”, this little powerhouse comes equipped with a quad-core processor, AMD’s Radeon graphic cards and will support up to 8GB of RAM. Did I mention the video output will be to die for coming in at a high resolution  capability of up to 4092×2 all while needing only 40watts to power this lunchbox sized console. Both energy conscious and high functioning, X13 and Valve will be giving Xbox and Sony a run for their money this coming year.  I know it is already on my Christmas 2013 wishlist.






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[heading style=”2″]Cube line of 3D Printers by 3D Systems[/heading]



Being a game designer and 3D modeler, this is a dream come true and the price isn’t really that bad. 


Cube line of 3D printers by 3D Systems

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Let me introduce you to the Cube line of 3D printers by 3D Systems. This year at CES, 3D Systems debuted their new Cube2 3D printer, more accurate and updated version of the CubeX, that allows two different materials and up to three colors be used for designing your own 3D creations up to the size of a basketball. While the prices vary, the starting price for a Cube2 is $1299, the CubeX Duo and Trio range at the far pricier high end of $3999. Just think of all the creative models your family could make for one of a kind gifts, games, and who knows, maybe even market them and become the next big action figure designer.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to say, “Sorry Kate, I can’t come over and paint our nails tonight. I’m printing out a limited edition 3D model of mine and Johnny Depps wedding cake topper!” Okay, so you might lose a few friends in the process, but I bet you can always make new ones…






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[heading style=”2″]The Luminae Glass Keyboard by TransluSense[/heading]



This next one is the Luminae glass keyboard by TransluSense. I initially thought, ‘”Why would anyone want a glass keyboard. I know how incorrect my smartphone keyboard can be and I can only imagine this is very similar.” However, then I thought back just three weeks ago when my almost nine year old daughter dumped her glass of milk into my keyboard and “forgot” to tell me. By the time I noticed, it had already chunked up and my keyboard was as gouda as gone.


The Luminae glass keyboard by TransluSense




You are probably wondering how this thing works. TransluSense states, “Luminae has stripped away the last century of keyboard assumptions and cleared the air with the modern, clean, light-driven Keyboard= and Touchpad+ that allows you to customize your needs.” With 16 million color and brightness options to choose from, you are only limited by your imagination.    The Touchpad+ is a multi-functioning item serving as both a number pad and a swipe style mouse, much like the standard smart phone. You can also create skins and swap out the skins with your own. It is small enough to mimic a mouse and comes with a wrist rest as you will definitely need it. Being made of smooth glass, there will be no worries about trying to keep it clean. Simply wipe it down like you would any other glass and you are set. Think of all of the germs that won’t be living on this one since keyboards are one of the dirtiest things we touch every day. Unlike a standard keyboard, should the keys start fading away, you can simply remove the old skin and replace with a brand new one.



So how does it work? It uses multiple cameras on the base and infrared LEDs on the keyboard that sense where your fingers are providing stunning accuracy. It also comes equipped with Bluetooth and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery to withstand long term usage with minimal charging. At a price tag of $500, I didn’t think that was too bad as I have gone through four keyboards in the past five years coming close to the $500 price range and none of them have the versatility of changing out skins like the Luminae. While it still has about three months before they hit the shelf, I think I just might be investing in this one when they do finally ship out.








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