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{Featured} Interview: Anne Barton – When She Was Wicked (Honeycote #1)


Please welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer today’s Featured Author Anne Barton and her novel, When She Was Wicked. Pitched as Project Runway meets Downton Abbey, join M/G/W as we discuss When She Was Wicked, Anne’s inspiration, and her life as an author.








Anne Barton - When She Was Wicked
Title: When She Was Wicked (Honeycote, #1) 
Author: Anne Barton
ISBN-13: 9781455513321
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 1/29/2013
Series: A Honeycote Novel Series
Pages: 416
Grab It: B & N



A dressmaker in London’s busiest shop, Miss Anabelle Honeycote overhears the ton’s steamiest secrets—and (occasionally) uses them to her advantage. It isn’t something she’s proud of, but the reluctant blackmailer needs the money to care for her gravely ill mother. To make up for her misdeeds, Anabelle keeps to a firm set of rules:

  • Never request payment from someone who cannot afford it.
  • Never reveal the secrets of a paying client.
  • Never enter into any form of social interaction with a client.

Her list keeps her (somewhat) honest—until she encounters Owen Sherbourne, the Duke of Huntford. Not only does Owen nip Anabelle’s extortion plans in the bud, the devilishly handsome Duke soon has the sexy seamstress dreaming of more than silks and satins. With Owen, Anabelle enjoys pleasures she never imagined. . . until a scandal from the past resurfaces. Now her rules could mean his family’s ruin. Owen’s searing kisses carry the promise of passion, but how will he react when Anabelle’s most devastating secret is finally revealed?

Publishers Weekly gave WHEN SHE WAS WICKED a *starred* review and said: “Sensual and solid, this debut is a story demanding to be read. The characters are believable and relatable, and Barton smartly blends issues of morality and Regency era social class with passion and excitement.”






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 1.     Welcome Anne to Mother/Gamer/Writer. For those readers who are not familiar with you or your work can you tell us a little bit about yourself?[/note]

Thanks for having me! I’m a mom and a writer, too. (I’m not a gamer myself, but since I live with a couple, I understand and appreciate the obsession!)  I’ve been hooked on historical romances ever since high school when I read Pride and Prejudice, and I escape into the dazzling Regency world (through reading or writing) as often as I can.



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2.     Do you have a particular writing style? Any odd writing habits?[/note]

My favorite books are witty and fun but also emotional and moving, so that’s what I shoot for in my stories. And I love seeing characters transform—like a makeover, but on the inside. Hmm, weird writing habits…sometimes I cover the word count on my screen with a sticky note. And I wish I was the type of person who could write in a coffee house, but I find myself too distracted by the snacks.



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3.     Who would you consider your favorite authors, or where do you draw inspiration?[/note]

Definitely Jane Austen. There are so many authors I love that I hardly know where to begin, but Elizabeth Hoyt, Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, and Courtney Milan are a few. I’m inspired by music, movies, and reality TV (which I adore). I like to take a modern day situation and imagine how it might play out in Regency England.



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4.     What books are currently on your bookshelf?[/note]

I’ve a got a mix…lots of historical romance, naturally, including Sarah McLean’s latest, A Rogue by Any Other Name, and Valerie Bowman’s debut, Secrets of a Wedding Night…several classics, like Austen’s Emma and William Goldman’s The Princess Bride (an all-time favorite)…research and craft books…and a smattering of non-fiction, including one about gaming (Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World.)



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5.     Your latest novel is When She Was Wicked. What is the background behind the story?[/note]

My agent pitched it as Project Runway meets Downton Abbey. Publishers Weekly summarized it beautifully: “Seamstress Anabelle Honeycote has a secret. In fact, she has several, and she keeps them to herself for a small fee, following a strict code of “Nevers” to keep her blackmail schemes in check. When she targets handsome Owen Sherbourne, the Duke of Huntford, her plans fail spectacularly. Owen is captivated by the beguiling extortionist, and rather than turn her over to authorities, he insists she create new wardrobes for his two sisters…” Owen and Anabelle strike a bargain and things heat up from there!



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6.     What was your favorite scene, chapter, or character to write?[/note]

Great question. Probably the first kiss. I love the uncertainty and inevitability of it. I also really like writing scenes featuring the two sets of sisters in the book—it’s like bonding time with your girlfriends.



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7.     Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?[/note]

I’d offer two suggestions. First, if you write romance, join RWA (Romance Writers of America). Second, write without fear or holding back. Never lose the joy of writing.



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8.     Lastly, is there anything you would like to say to your fans, or to people who are considering reading your novel?[/note]

I’m grateful for readers who are willing to take a chance on debut authors like me, and I hope they’ll have as much fun reading Anabelle and Owen’s story as I had writing it. I’m grateful for bloggers like you who help bring authors and readers together. Thanks so much for having me here!








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Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions; it has been my pleasure having you on Mother/Gamer/Writer!


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About the Author:

Anne Barton began swiping romance novels off her mom’s bookshelf as a teenager, so when she had the chance to spend a semester in London—home to her favorite heroes—she packed her bags and promptly fell in love with the city, its history, and its pubs. She dreamed of writing romance, but somehow ended up a software analyst instead.

Fortunately, a few years and a few careers later, Anne found her way back to writing the stories she loves and in 2011 won the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart for Regency Historical Romance. She lives in Maryland with her husband (who, sadly, is not a peer of the realm—but a great guy nonetheless) and her three children, who try valiantly not to roll their eyes whenever she quotes Jane Austen. Her weaknesses include reality TV, cute-but-impractical shoes, and caffeinated beverages of all kinds.