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This post is not an attack against blog tours, authors, tour hosts, or any tour organizer in particular. It’s mainly an outlet for me to ramble about certain things I have noticed while partaking in the awesomeness that is, Virtual Blog Tours. With that being said, I leave the floor WIDE open for discussion on anything I have presented or anything else you’d like to discuss on this topic.

Now, on to the show…


Blog Tours, I love them, I really do. Since I began blogging, Blog Tours have opened doors to authors I would have never discovered otherwise. They are a great source for content, such as Guest Posts and Interviews with new-to-me authors, or authors I have admired from afar. I absolutely adore hosting them, and connecting with readers all across the world when they visit my tiny blog for the day. And in my opinion, they work smoothly and well for all parties involved.

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Most of the time…


And then sometimes things go awry…




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First on my list of Blog Tour pet peeves are authors who insist you take down your reviews if the review is not entirely positive. Not all tours require a review to be a positive one. Let me reiterate, NOT ALL TOURS require a review to be POSITIVE. Please for the love of everything holy, read the tour policy clearly BEFORE you sign yourself up for a tour. I do NOT want – nor do my reviewers appreciate – you coming to my blog, reading our review, and then later sending us a thousand emails on why we shouldn’t have posted the review on Amazon, or put up the review during the tour because it was less than “3 Stars/Controllers”. I get it; you thought the tour was solely about “positive” promotion.

However, it’s not OUR responsibility to fix your mistake. And if your novel was less than stellar, readers will know about it via an in-depth explanation. We at M/G/W are not in the business of slamming authors. We’ve never done it and we have no intentions of starting. However, if there are plot holes in your story, themes we don’t like, or something that just stood out to us that we feel others might want to know about BEFORE reading, then we will discuss it. End of story. My advice to you, read the policies. Understand the guidelines of the tour. Know what you are getting into BEFORE you spend your money. And having your friends vote down my reviews on Amazon or some other review outlet THE SAME DAY, is just mean. Do not take your ignorance out on me.




Secondly, this one goes out to the lovely tour organizers, be available. As an organizer I know your job is hectic, and probably rather stressful. However, if I have questions, or if I am missing material, please answer your emails. Don’t get me wrong, I will readily admit I’m not perfect and have missed things by accident sometimes. But (and this is a BIG but) if you send out material a week before the tour begins and I’m missing a Guest Post or whatever, don’t wait to email me the night before my tour stop if I’ve reached out to you a WEEK AGO. If you EXPECT me to schedule a post and get it up ON TIME, I need the information. No way around it.

I host tours once, maybe twice a week and keeping it all organized is insane. I can recall three instances where my posts didn’t go up on time as planned, and several instances  where I have been accused of not posting at all when in reality the organizer just missed my post (or didn’t look). We all make mistakes; it’s going to happen daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. But my concern is the communication, or the lack there of, with some tour organizations. I want to host for you, I want to promote these authors, and I am open to suggestions on how we can make this machine run as smoothly as possible. Do we need to Google Chat? Do I need to Tweet you instead of email? Please, let me know your preferred method of communication. I’ll do it. I promise you I will.




I think that’s enough for today’s post, I do have more to say but Author’s insisting I remove my reviews and organizer availability are my main concerns at the moment.


Reader Questions: What do you think, is there anything that bothers you when hosting a Blog Tour? Authors, do you think Tours should be for “positive” promotion only? Bloggers, have you experienced something during a tour that just got under your skin?  Have you ran into any trouble when hosting a tour, purchasing a tour, or organizing a tour? We want to know, but keep the conversation friendly…  🙂




Blog With Passion, Respect, and An Open Heart

Blog With Passion, Respect, and An Open Heart