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Dead Ever After

The Girl Who’s Knee Deep in The Paranormal

Is it just me, or is everything about the paranormal these days? Maybe it’s because I’m late to the game and didn’t pick up on the genre until the Sookie Stackhouse series, but it seems the more books I read the more prominent paranormal elements become. Sure, you can argue some fantasy can be called paranormal because they do incorporate the supernatural into their stories at times. But what I am referring to is the commonality among authors to throw a “paranormal” element into their story just for the sake of having it versus taking a chance and leaving it out. Is it to sell more books? Ride the Twilight wave?


This irks me to the core. Boils my blood and sets my hair follicles ablaze. Why, oh why would you add something unnecessary to your story? I was enjoying your novel. In fact, I was in LOVE with your novel. Then you changed the game and added a little “twist” to make it “more interesting”. Instead of drawing me in and giving me the WOW factor I deserve as a reader, you jarred me from the story taking me so far away from your imaginary world I don’t ever want to go back. I know that wasn’t you intention, and maybe you thought it would be cool if the secret love interest turned out to be some telekinetic werewolf, but it’s not. I would have enjoyed your story more if you kept it simple. Let me fall in love with the mystery or fantasy, without the crazy, random, unbelievable paranormal crap you just invented.


Don’t get me wrong, I adore a little paranormal. And it works when I know I am expecting it to be in the novel. When I’m told upfront, the hero has a dark supernatural past and hidden secrets. But don’t sell me short and think I won’t catch on when it’s something you added at the last second. I see your story hiding in there.  Obviously pissed off at you for making it into something it’s not. Not every good mystery needs a paranormal explanation. Not every decent romance needs a vampire love triangle. Be true to your novel. Be true to yourself. Moreover, don’t fool me with your synopsis or blurb into thinking I’m getting one thing and then I’m ambushed with something else entirely.


I love you dear author. Each and every one of you, and I want to worship your stories. State your case plainly in the beginning and we won’t have any problems. But that’s just my opinion…



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Reader Question: What do you think; are books getting lost in the paranormal? Have you read a novel where those elements were just tossed in for the sake of having them?