Top 5 Christmas Gadget Must-Haves
for Under $100






#5  I’m stretching the “techy” part here, but honestly, I couldn’t resist.

So here is the first gadget I recommend this season. Star Wars R2D2 Bathrobe.

 Star Wars R2D2 Bathrobe.

ThinkGeek actually has most of the Star Wars cast, but I chose R2D2 because he is by far the classiest and best droid ever. Hands Down. These normally run $70.00, but this holiday season you can pick one up for $41.99.









#4 Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker


While this isn’t the newest version, Fitbit Ultra, the Fitbit One does come in just under $100.00 and is still quite a remarkable piece of technology. You’re probably asking “What the heck is fit bit and why would I want that?” Fibit is a fitness monitor for those people, like me, who need more motivation or reminders through their busy day to stay active. I personally love to work out, but with my crazy schedule, I usually feel my bum is planted into my office chair. That is where Fitbit comes in. It keeps track of your steps, distance, calories burned, stairs climbed, and your sleep cycle and all this information uploads via Wi-Fi to either your computer or smartphone and helps you keep focused, on track, and set and meet goals by earning badges, because let’s face it, rewards are a natural motivator.








#3 Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator and Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Vortex Manipulator and Sonic Screwdriver

Okay all of you Doctor Who fans, this is a must have gift this holiday season and it rings in at under $35 on Amazon. While it doesn’t do anything really cool, it does light up and provides for added entertainment with any CosPlay or collector fan. Plus it’s just cool and I haven’t gotten on board the Doctor Who bandwagon yet!







#2 Cubeternet Keyboard, Washable Mouse, & Illuminated Laptop Cool Pad


These are 3 items that together total less than $100 and would be a hit with just about anyone, but especially kids and moms. Why kids? Well for starters, the keyboard and the cooler are illuminated and if your kids are anything like mine, anything that lights up is just awesome. Moms will like them because the keyboard is made out of flexible silicone which means you can run a damp cloth over it to remove the jelly and the mouse is completely washable, meaning you can wash those germs away! With the keyboard running $17.99, the mouse $29.99, and the cooler $6.60, you can snag all three for well under $100 and use up that money grandma sent you.











#1 MID 7” Google Android 4.0 Tablet

MID 7” Google Android 4.0 Tablet

This is Google’s competition to the Amazon Kindle for this Holiday season and the price is right. So right, I picked up 2 of them on Ebay for $65.00 before prices went up and just in time for the holiday season but can still be purchased for under $100 on Amazon every day.
This little pint sized tablet runs on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and comes with a perfect 512mb DDR3 memory, 4GB built in storage and an SD slot capable of holding up to a 32GB SD card. It is Wi-Fi enabled and come with a camera, a perk the basic Kindle Fire does not have. This little guy is packed is goodies starting with 3D gaming capabilities, supports Flash, utilizes the Google Play store, handles a wide variety if file formats (MP3, WMA, APE, FLAC, WAV, JPEG, MPEG1 & 2 etc) and comes with AV & HDMI 720p-2160p HD outputs.
Weighing in at only 10.1 ounces, this 7.6×4.7x.45” tablet will give users up to 8 hours of music play time, 5 hours of video viewing, and just at 3 hours of HDMI play time. So while it doesn’t have an awesome battery life, it is long enough to watch 2 movies, play games for a substantial amount of time, or load chock full of e-books just in time to hit all of them after Christmas sales.
*Just make sure to read all of the fine-print before buying to ensure you are getting the Wi-Fi/Camera tablet, unless you do not want these options.
















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