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You Know You Are A Gamer When:

  1. You Have Seen the “Ghost of Lockout”

  2. You Spent $60 for the Hot/New/OMG FPS Instead of Buying Groceries

  3. Your Version of the “F-word” is FRAG

  4. You PWNED! NOOBS!! (PWNAGE!!!)

  5. You Spent More Money Buying Clothes for Your Avatar than For Yourself (can anyone say Lightsaber)

  6. While At Work You Write Out a Strategy to Level Up Your Character, Visit New Places or Galaxies

  7. You Met Your BFF on XBL (Xbox Live) or PSN (Playstation Network)

  8. Your Gamerscore is Higher Than the Amount of Money You Have in Your Bank Account

  9. You Romance Every Character in a Game Only to Increase Your Gamerscore

  10. You Have Owned No Less Than 5 Consoles, and You Own 2 Xbox 360’s Because One of Them Has the RROD

    This is My List, What’s Yours?