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Mobile Game Review: Jetpack Jinx (Bubblegum Interactive)

Looking for a game that’s fun, addicting, and rated E for Everyone? Check out Jetpack Jinx from our friends at Bubblegum Interactive!








BLAST OFF FOR ADVENTURE! Help Jetpack Jinx fly to space.

The mischievous Jinx has crash landed on a mysterious planet… He’s gotta get back to his Starship before his boss, the dastardly Lord Shadowbot finds out he’s gone! Strap on your jetpack, blast off and make your way through insanely addictive levels of pure fun in the awesome new game from Bubble Gum Interactive.

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Jetpack Jinx by Bubblegum Interactive is a vibrant visually appealing puzzle game utilizing the tilting left and right of your Smartphone   to buzz around Jinx, a little purple monster sporting a jet pack. It is set in the Space Heroes Universe story – their multi-award winning virtual world that available at


The story and game mechanics are simple; tilt your phone side to side to make Jinx move around the screen on his mission to gobble up the gems and resources to aid him while avoiding the objects that will cause Jinx to plummet downward to meet his demise. His goal is to keep energized by absorbing the good items, which thrust him higher, increasing both the score and timer. If you fail to stay energized, Jinx starts to rapidly decent in hopes of coming in contact with some of the gems you might have missed on your way up to give him another boost.



The graphics of this game suit it nicely with brightly colored cell shading. As it is a side scrolling game, Jinx can disappear off one side of your screen and reappear from the other side. The audio for this game is energizing, and adds excitement and flavor to Jinx’s mission. Being an adrenaline junkie myself, Jetpack Jinx rises to the occasion, provides nonstop shrieks, and shrills from players as Jinx is a wild thing and can be a difficult monster at times. If you have ever ridden your bike on the curb as a child, it is a similar rush.

Being rated as a game for everyone, I put it to the test with my almost 9-year-old tech crazy daughter. This was her experience:

jetpack jinx 2

The game is super easy to play and games that let you use the entire phone as the controller are usually more fun. The bright colors make basic games like this more likely to be played longer as they are not so boring when you can look at something nice. What I didn’t like was how Jinx is really too fast. Maybe have several level settings like Cadet, Pilot, Astronaut, and Kamikaze where you can choose how fast Jinx flies. For younger kids, he is just way to fast, which is frustrating, and you end up putting the game away because of it. Other than his speed, the game is super fun and a great way to waste time while driving in the car or at an appointment and I would recommend it to everyone.



Together, we would rate this game 4 controllers and we’ll be keeping an eye on Bubblegum Interactive to see what else they bring to market!





My Rating

4 out of 5 Controllers

rate 4





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What the Launch Trailer:









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From the Community Activity & Events Coordinator:

Jetpack Jinx has been designed to be safe, fun and inclusive for families – we’ve developed an innovative parent control setting that locks in-app purchases. This is something that we haven’t seen by other developers, for example even Disney mobile games don’t provide this sort of parent control. For this reason, Jetpack Jinx has already secured a Famigo APProved seal