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Welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer for the Blissful Lies Blog Tour! Today, please enjoy a look at Blissful Lies a novel about secrets, betrayal, love, and friendship. While you’re here, check out the book trailer, the movie poster, and enter the awesome giveaway to win a trip to the set of Vindictive Grounds directed by Jennifer, books, and other amazing prizes!









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Blissful Lies tells a heart-wrenching story exploring the enviable bonds of five best friends who, in the midst of growing up together, are just starting to realize how much they still have to learn about life. They quickly find the limits of their relationships are tested when secrets and lies rapidly interrupt their picture perfect existence, threatening the stability of years of friendship. At the center of their universe is mother to one group member and Brown-Thomas University Chancellor, Addison Hamilton. Uncertainty in her own life leads her down a path of no return as she finds herself a little too involved with someone many years her junior. While each person is forced to take responsibility for their hidden secret, they wonder if ultimately, it’s just too much to move forward as the ‘family’ they once claimed to be. Join us on the journey, which allows true love to surface despite obvious obstacles, fearful hatred to emerge with a vengeance and betrayal of even the most loyal of friends. As lives are left in tattered pieces, everyone is forced to choose…. Will the group fall apart at the seams or will the strong bonds of everlasting friendship withstand the fire of deceit?









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Blissful Lies book trailer:




Blissful Lies movie trailer :





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One grand prize winner (and a guest) will win a visit to the set of the film, Vindictive Ground, books, and other amazing prizes!

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About the Author:

At just 25 years old, Jennifer Brown-Thomas is a celebrated book author and movie director. Her first novel, Blissful Lies, combines both of her passions.

At the 2012 Cannes Film Festival, she presented Blissful Lies (the movie) starring Emmy award winning actress, Leann Hunley. YTINIFNI Pictures is working to bring the film to DVD and on-demand television this spring.

Jennifer is a married, Texas Christian University graduate and mother of one. Her newest venture, LBT Enterprises, is set to launch a fragrance, a children’s clothing line and more.

Watch for more novels from Jennifer – the next on its way is Vindictive Grounds. In February, Jennifer will begin directing the film version of this novel. She says, “It definitely has more of the explicit sexual contact comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Web Site: