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{Review} Elfhunter (Tales of Alterra, the World that Is, #1) by C.S. Marks










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This is the tale of Gorgon Elfhunter, a monstrous, mysterious creature who has sworn to destroy all the Elves of Alterra—until none remain. It is the story of Wood-elven heroine Gaelen Taldin, who has sworn to rid her world of the Elfhunter even as she is hunted by him. The conflict between them is a tangled web that blurs the line between Light and Darkness, love and obsession, free will and fate. Filled with moments both tender and terrifying, thrilling yet thought-provoking, it is a timeless epic fantasy suitable for readers of all ages. Join the Company of Elves, dwarves, mortal men, and delightfully intelligent horses. Come to Alterra—the ‘World that Is.’








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Elfhunter is an epic tale of a headstrong She-Elf named Gaelen and her cousin Nelwyn who discover slain elves in the woods, prompting them to track the killer. They, alongside some friends met along the way, go on a journey in hopes to exact vengeance upon an entity that calls itself ‘Elfhunter’ and whose only purpose is to exterminate the Elven race. Will the band of heroes succeed?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked that it had a mildly complex vocabulary and that the action in the story started straight away. The plot moved along at a steady pace and never seemed to drag, in my opinion. It is a fantasy book, so it is a bit long, which I found to my liking.


The book switched perspectives at time throughout the book, which helps give you insight into the backstories of many of the characters. I liked this aspect, as it gave the opportunity to get to know the characters on a deeper level, thus making them more relatable. I found aspects of several characters that I could relate to, making the book more enjoyable. For example, I could relate to Gaelen’s stubbornness and the fact that, although she acts tough, she does have a soft side.


I would definitely recommend this book to any high school student or adult who enjoys fantasy novels, as well as middle schoolers with a higher reading level. Being a teenager myself, I feel that it is a fantastic book for teens or adults to get into, provided they don’t mind the length.




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