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M/G/W’s Halloween Bash & Birthday Giveaway Day 5: WTF True Blood With Sistah Speak Podcast


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Welcome to M/G/W’s Halloween Bash and Birthday Giveaway!

To Celebrate Halloween and of course my 30th Birthday on November 1st!




This week will be filled with epic Halloween inspired posts, a True Blood Special, and an awesome Halloween themed Giveaway of Print ARC’s, eBooks, Swag, and More! So be sure to stick around for your chance to win!



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Today’s Featured Post is written by two of my favorite Podcasters, Sistah K and Sistah J of Sistah Speak Podcast! I interviewed these ladies last year and they are as charming off the microphone as they are on it. The Sistah’s have been around for a while podcasting on various shows including True Blood, Fringe, Game of Thrones, Big Brother, Reality TV, and their new show, The Walking Dead. Make sure you check them out and tell them M/G/W sent you! We hope you enjoy their True Blood Rant and Ramble, as they discuss some of their favorite scenes, character, favorite hook-ups, favorite deaths, and predictions for Season 6. And don’t forget to enter the giveaway!








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Umm Hum, That’s What I Thought


I loved the scenes with Eric and Pam ending their bond and then the quiet reunion in the elevator at the authority. They didn’t have to say anything but hi and smile at each other and it was perfect.




WTF Moments


How the hell can Martha be such a strong kick ass woman at the beginning of the season and turn into a whiny, inconsistent, she-wolf.

I loved the final scene with Bill. I was yelling at the TV that he couldn’t be dead and when he rose up as the nasty, bloody, Bill-ith, I was yelling at my TV even more.




Oh No They Didn’t


We (the audience) got screwed by not getting enough Lafayette, Ruby Jean or Kenya.




Love, Lust, and Romance


I did not like the romance between Tara and Pam. Tara needs to be on her own during this crazy transition to vampire and I would much rather see them bicker with each other.




True Death!


The best was that annoying kid. The worst was Roman b/c I wanted to see him and Russell interact more and Russell b/c I love his character and wanted to see more of him.




Down and Dirty


I thought this season was good and got us back to what I loved about the first season…the relationships that these characters have with each other. Those personal scenes with Jason and Sookie, Lafayette and Sookie, Tara and Pam, Tara and Jessica, Bill and Eric…I loved them best when they were relating with each other. There were a few things that annoyed the hell out of me but nowhere near as bad as other seasons.




Random Craziness


The biggest annoyance for me this season was Luna. I loved her character last season and wanted her and Sam to truly be together. This season I just wanted her to die. She was whiny, bitchy, and generally got on my last nerve.




I hope to see more of my favorite characters (Tara, Lafayette, Holly, Pam, Eric) especially the ones we didn’t get to see this season (Ruby Jean, Maxine Fortenberry, Kenya). I am looking forward to seeing what the writers do with Bill now that he is a Lillith wannabe. I think the character I am most looking forward to is Warlow. I want to know of his connection with Sookie and what that means for the gang that are always trying to protect her.














Umm Hum, That’s What I Thought!


– King Russell argues with Roman before he whips around in vampire speed and stakes Roman, saying, “Compromise is for pussies!”


– Steve Newlin dancing into Jessica’s house…hilarious!





WTF Moments


– The most f’ed up scene was when Russell drained The Elder fairy.  WTF?  She was only on screen for a minute…and a crazy minute at that, and she was supposed to be helping Sookie and the faeries!


– Jason getting busy with his former teacher and she’s wanting to get a wine box out of the fridge after they have sex… beyond creepy!


– Sookie jumping out of her car while going over 80 mph and not a hair is out of place, nor does she have any scratches on her.  WTF?  And that “Toonces” scenery was f’ed up for real!




Oh No They Didn’t


– Kill off Roman after only a half-season.


– Kill off Kibwe… they coulda used him for next season or something!


– Have Alcide wanna have sex with Sookie AFTER she told him she killed Debbie Pelt, supposedly the love of his life (or that’s what he told Debbie’s parents anyway).




Love, Lust, and Romance


– Least favorite was Salome having sex with three men in one evening (Bill, then Eric, then Roman)…no shower or wash-off in between them it appears.  Skanky and nasty!


– Best love scene was Eric with Nora in the shipping container while waiting to “escape.”




True Death!


– Favorite death scene was Roman getting staked.  And Jason killing all those vampires at The Authority.


– Least favorite was Russell Edgington imploding after drinking The Elder faery, and Kibwe getting beheaded by Bill.




Down and Dirty…


– This season was okay… on a scale from one-to-ten, I’d give it a solid 5.  May of the episodes were a little boring, especially after they killed off Roman so quickly.  Didn’t particularly like the naked and bloody Lilith appearing naked and bloody all the time, and with that huge untrimmed bush to boot!  Other seasons were much better, IMO (Season 1 and the Season where they’re all in Dallas are my favorites).




Random Crazness


– The whole Warlow storyline was a little too convenient for me…and sorta lame considering we didn’t even get a hint to his identity – and I get that will be in Season 6, but they coulda waited for the entire faery story to be in season 6, IMO.


– Martha was a totally wasted character.  Here she comes on strong in the beginning, then she wimps out and doesn’t look for Emma, nor does she confront the pack leader for giving the pack “V.”  Very disappointed in what the writers did with her character.






– I just want to see Lafayette  and Sam in a prominent, vital story line, as well as Ruby Jean!  All the other characters seem to have something meaningful to do already






OMG are they not awesome!? Thanks so much Sistah’s and I’ll see ya next time for the next episode of The Walking Dead!



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