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M/G/W’s Halloween Bash And Birthday Giveaway Day 2: Memorable Villains




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Welcome to M/G/W’s Halloween Bash and Birthday Giveaway!

To Celebrate Halloween and of course my 30th Birthday on November 1st!




This week will be filled with epic Halloween inspired posts, a True Blood Special, and an awesome Halloween themed Giveaway of Print ARC’s, eBooks, Swag, and More! So be sure to stick around for your chance to win! You can see Monday’s post on Tortured Authors, HERE.







Our awesome associate reviewer, Heather, writes today’s creepy post. We hope you enjoy this dark tale of Memorable Villains, some you may recognize and others you may want to explore.



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Memorable Villains: Character We Hate to Love





Memorable characters do not always fall to the heroines and heroes of the stories we come to cherish. At times there is a villain, so evil he or she may really stand out in our mind. Maybe they are frighteningly real glimpses of people we know, or perhaps they are the very ones that visited the vivid nightmares we once had. It could be they just rock us to the core; in ways we would never dare admit to anyone. Ever.


When we read, and come to know such characters they remain in our memories for years to come. This is my list of the most memorable, scary, and downright nerve wrecking characters from stories I have had the pleasure to read. In no way is this a complete list as it is ever changing, and by no means do these villains all originate from horror or paranormal books, in fact a few are from every day romances.





Ashleigh – From Jenny Pox “The Paranormals Book 1” by JL Bryan.


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Downright evil does not even begin to describe this conniving, vindictive, biatch of a girl. I mean who in their right mind would use her mind altering super power to make her best friend sexually serve her ex-boyfriend in a means to bring him back to her. Furthermore, the town is so wrapped around her fingers that they are willing to kill in order to protect her, yet they fail to realize they need to protect themselves from her.





Peter and the Air Line Company in “Captain” by Thomas Block


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Sometimes situations of despair can force us into doing insane things. This is true for Peter, a very by the book co-pilot who finds himself on a plane with a runaway engine. As fear strikes to his core, and the reality of death imminent, he hallucinates a hijacking and nearly risks the lives of all onboard when he fires a weapon over the Atlantic. To further the fear and corruption, the airline company quickly tries to cover up the mess by blaming an innocent man. The very man that will be responsible for saving the lives of all aboard the now missing airliner, on top of it they even start to plot a cover-up for shooting down the disconnected plane without ever truly learning a single fact.





Cesare from “Vampire Empire” by Clay and Susan Griffith


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Vampires are not always the villains of horror stories, but in The Greyfair, book one of Vampire Empire they definitely are not the heroes. Not Cesare, not ever would the word hero be used in conjunction with the man who trails blood bath after blood bath in his wake. Indeed, he is a killer, but one who would kill his own flesh in order to ascend to his self-proclaimed greatness. Humans rarely live under his rule, and when they do, they do so in great fear. One can never be free when they live under Cesare the vampire Prince.





Nell from “Fearless” by Tawdra Kandle


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Nell is a young woman who is a part of a magically touched carnie town. She draws power from her mentor and insanity from her mother. Nell is not truly evil in the sense of a vampire, or an evil witch, no she is mentally disturbed beyond comprehensible means. In fact, she is so power hungry and attention starved that she is willing to sacrifice the life of an innocent girl just to gain enough power for her Chemistry teacher to notice her again.


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