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M/G/W’s Halloween Bash and Birthday Giveaway Day 1: Tortured Authors




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Welcome to M/G/W’s Halloween Bash and Birthday Giveaway!

To Celebrate Halloween and of course my 30th Birthday on November 1st!




This week will be filled with epic Halloween inspired posts, a True Blood Special, and an awesome Halloween themed Giveaway of Print ARC’s , eBooks, Swag, and More! So be sure to stick around for your chance to win!Today’s post is written by our resident tech junkie, CrayolaKym and we hope you enjoy her version of Tortured Authors.










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Tortured Authors


#7 Chuck Palahniuk- Haunted

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Chuck Palahniuk is an atypical writer to say the least. He writes in his own distinctive tone setting him apart in the fictional world we live in. I have thoroughly enjoyed most of his books, but Haunted definitely earns the #7 spot. This book is Survivor: Tortured Style.


“Just then the tight skin starts to tear, the way a nylon stocking gaps open. Red blood spouts straight out, the way a whale clears its blowhole. A blood fountain that makes the audience scream.” Haunted

If his gruesome display of ripping body parts doesn’t make your muscles tense as your imagination conjures up this scene in your mind, then maybe you need the next 6 authors to assist you.







#6 CJ Roberts- Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet #1)

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C.J Roberts steps beyond the threshold and writes of a disturbing tale of sexual slavery, however, this isn’t your typical female in submission, this story is darker than that. Caleb was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery by a Mobster. A story where a young man is abused and subjected to many hellish nightmares and a topic most refrain writing about. Caleb does the unthinkable and in order to seek his revenge, he too takes upon himself a young naïve slave girl who he subjects to the unimaginable.  CJ Roberts sadistically blends the art of writing with cruelty, deviant sexual tenancies and practices, and morbid violence and tosses it into the world of fiction. This book is not for the faint of heart.







#5 Jack Ketchum- The Girl Next Door

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Jack Ketchum is a very talented writer and one who captures and understands the importance of creating a vivid written world for readers to be submersed within. The Girl Next Door is based on a true story of a girl who is kidnapped and held against her will. She succumbs to the brutality and sadistic torture of neighborhood kids and her story is told through the eyes of the next door neighbor boy.


“She lay on her back, covered to the waist with an old thin dirty sheet they’d thrown over her. Her breasts and shoulders were bare. She had bruises everywhere. Her burns were open, liquid oozing. Even in her sleep the muscles of her face pulled her skin tight with pain. Her body trembled. The writing glistened. I F**K F**K ME.” ~The Girl Next Door


The most sickening part of this book is knowing it is based on a true story about an Indiana girl in the 60’s who’s carnival folk parents placed her with a single mother to be cared for where she was subjected to inhumane treatment. From words carved into her flesh, forced eating of fecal matter, burns, beatings, and more until she finally died. You’ll think the same about your neighbors after reading this book.







#4 Ethan Cross- The Prophet: A Shepard Thriller

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Ethan Cross has an active and engaging style of writing. Where most writers will stick with one main character, Ethan turns up the heat and plunges readers into an interweb of storylines entailing multiple serial killers, one who is hell bent on kidnapping women and burning then alive.


“Her words became a scream as his left hand grabbed her face with surprising strength. Using his thumb and forefinger, he held her eyelids open. She tried to blink and pull away, but the retrains held her in place. With his right hand, he inserted one device into her eye, and she remembered where she had seen such an instrument before.” ~ The Prophet: A Shepard Thriller


Before you settle in for the night, might want to double check all of your windows and doors, and make sure your gun in loaded in the nightstand. What? You don’t have a gun…..uh-oh.






#3 Sanford Levinson- Torture: A Collection

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This is a non-fiction and a guide that goes along with the Torture exhibit presented for a limited time throughout the United States. I had the pleasure of attending this special event in September and amazed with the devices on loan from the Italian Museum of Torture. Not only does this book showcase how morbid and warped the mind of a man has throughout the centuries, it reminds us we still have a long ways to go before humanity can be saved from itself. With many countries, especially governments (including our own), still actively using torture as means of punishment as as a method to admittance of crimes they may or may not have committed, this book leaves you aching, scorned, ashamed, and eager to be a better human being.






#2 Sherrilyn Kenyon- Dark Hunter Series

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Okay, I am fibbing her a little. Sherrilyn Kenyon’s the Dark Hunter Series isn’t probably what you would call torture, as in mental nut job, macabre, kill everything slowly. However, this series captivated from book one as it has tortured me every day, the past 2 months, as I have been weaving my way through the series of books, over 20 of them, and interlaces several series at once making it even more torturous as it’s painful to decide which one to read next. This series follows Dark-Hunters, Dream-Hunters, Mythological being, curses, odd scenarios, and are chock full of action as well as mild erotica. I can justify this as torture as mental torture is just as tormenting as physical torture.






#1 Laurell K. Hamilton- Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Series

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Laurell K. Hamilton gets my number one top choice for tortured author. With book 21 of the series having just recently released, she continues to paint a deeply engaging macabre style of writing encasing the paranormal, supernatural, erotic, action packed, beaten and bloodied storyline of Anita Blake, raiser of the dead that never leaves the reader disappointed. She leaves nothing from her writing and writes with a depthness on topics many writers shy away from. Rape, slow and painful torture, and slavery are free game in this realm. One of the most demented book characters you will ever encounter is Otto/Olaf Jeffries; a notorious rapists and women killer who derives sexual satisfaction from his deranged specialties. He even chills Anita to the bone, a task which is practically impossible to entertain.


“I didn’t look back. Nothing ahead of me could be worse than watching Olaf paw through the woman’s remains, knowing that he was thinking of me while he did it.”  ~Obsidian Butterfly


“But the victim had been just a pile of meat. It had been one of the worst things I’s ever seen done to a human being. Olaf had looked up from the pile of carnage, and the look in his face had been sexual. As if what lay on that table was the biggest turn-on he’d ever had. He’d looked at me, and he’d been thinking sex, yeah, but he’d been thinking sex not just without my clothes, but as if he wondered what I’d look like without my skin. Most humans didn’t scare me anymore, but Olaf scared me.” ~The Harlequin


Laurell K. Hamilton is a rare breed of writer who doesn’t play by the rules and had to fight hard to get where she is at today. In college, she was told her writing sucked and should find something else to do with her time. I am most grateful she never gave up what she truly loved and hope she continues writing until the day she dies.



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