Game Reviews

Ms. Splosion Man: Colorful, Impressive, Awesome


  • Published by: Microsoft Game Studios
  • Developed by: Twisted Pixel
  • Platform:  XBLA (Xbox 360)
  • Genre: Action
  • Release Date: US: July 13, 2011
  • Players: Single and Multiplayer
  • MSRP: $10.00
  • T for Teen: Cartoon Violence, Drug Reference, Mild Lyrics, Mild Suggestive Themes

Have you ever played a game that was immediately addicting?  From the time you pressed the start button until the moment you wanted to throw your controller against the television screen but you couldn’t for fear that the game would end?  With Ms. Splosion Man, picture this scenario times ten!  What is this game exactly you ask? In a nutshell it’s awesome.  You run, jump, bounce off walls, kill scientists, locate shoes, and jam to the awesome music and commentary in the process. It’s an ambitiously beautiful platformer, which in my opinion, is underrated by the sheer complexity of its puzzles.  Yes this game is hard, and yes it will drive you insane.  But one cannot deny that they core mechanical gameplay plus the perfectly arranged puzzles are genius.



Here’s the run down.  The folks at Twisted Pixel created a game in 2009 cleverly titled Splosion Man.  It was a successful title that deserved a sequel, or better yet, a teenybopper female counterpart.  In the opening sequence we learn that Ms. Splosion Man was created accidentally.  The same mad scientists that created Splosion Man captured him and created a second explosive humanoid during their victory celebration.  Her objective is to escape the facility and blow up anything in her path.  The sassy lady will keep you laughing as she prances around like a ballerina, dances, and sings while you progress to the next checkpoint.  And while you play see if you can catch all the pop-culture references from “I whip my hair back and forth” to Dirty Dancing.


As far as gameplay goes it’s simple; run and explode.  This may seem fairly easy to any hardcore gamer, but trust and believe it’s not. Precise timing is everything in this game.  If you are a fraction of a second off you will die, and die, and die.  But that’s okay; you will respawn instantly at your last checkpoint.  However, if you die too often the game will ask you if you want to cheat.  Be careful though, if you do cheat Ms. Splosion Man will have consequences (that I will not spoil because it’s too hilarious and you need to see if for yourself) that are both amusing and detrimental to your game.  I suggest you cheat at least once, if not you’ll be missing out on…well just try it.



If you were one of the few bored with the previous game, you will be happy to know there is plenty to keep you busy in the sequel.  There are 50 single-player levels for you to enjoy, along with a separate and equally challenging multiplayer.  Playing through either campaign, you’ll move between levels in an overworld map complete with its own mall of unlockable content.  Possible purchases include movies, art, and extra game options.  With the new additions of zip lines, rocket cars, and a plump woman named Mandy who is outfitted with her own theme music, you will never stop laughing or being engrossed in the game.



So what do I think?  Being the pessimistic arcade game purchaser that I am, I came into this game blind and without expectations.  I just wanted an arcade game that looked relatively entertaining and would pass the time when I had a couple of free hours at night.  For this reason I am truly grateful.  If someone told me this game was going to be demanding, I would not have made the purchase and missed out on an excellent treasure.

Unfortunately, in today’s society we are trained to believe everything will be easy and accomplished quickly.  Giving us little room for, dare I say it, thinking.  Ms. Splosion Man takes this idea and tosses it out the window.  If you play this game you will think, you will learn, and you will adapt.  It may take you a few hundred tries but it’s possible.  Shocker, I know.  With the overflow of shooters flooding the market (don’t get me wrong I love my shooters), I find it very refreshing to pick up a game that will test me in every way possible.  My brain is still in overload replaying the levels I completed last night, wondering if I can return later today and crush my previous score. Ms. Splosion Man is a game that has me questioning my own ability as a gamer.  In a word, it’s priceless.


Ms. Splosion Man is a wonderful game that deserves a moment of your time.  Buy it, play it, and smile brightly while all the songs are running though your mind.  You won’t be sorry.