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{The Indie Spotlight} Review: Systems – A Novel by Saleena Karim

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Today’s Indie Spotlight author is Saleena Karim from Nottingham UK. If you can recall – or if you missed it – Saleena was on the blog a couple of months ago discussing Systems and her life as a writer. You can read the entire interview AT THIS POST! To conclude her feature, check out AimeeKay’s review of Systems.








{The Indie Spotlight} Review: Systems – A Novel by Saleena Karim Systems - A Novel by Saleena Karim
on 1/15/2012
Genres: Science Fiction
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About the Book:

2042: Humanity has witnessed the World Democratic Revolution and has left war, pollution and extreme poverty behind. Elise Archer is a hard-nosed British policewoman with psychic abilities. She also happens to be a reincarnated terrorist in denial. When Peter Manner escapes from a local psychiatric hospital and begins a murder spree, Elise makes the chilling discovery that he too is a psychic … and in another life he was her friend. Manner is on his way to America, where he and she both mysteriously disappeared thirty years ago. By complete coincidence the global police organisation GAILE has just reopened their case, and needs her help. But is there such thing as a coincidence?


My Thoughts on Systems-A Novel:


Systems is a futuristic political suspense mystery, with a dash of paranormal thrown in.  I thought the premise for the story was interesting.  Peter, Elise and Hitoshi are three very different people who are connected through their past lives. While in the present day their main remarkable characteristic is their psychic ability, in their past lives they were part of a group that found out some disturbing secrets about the world government and died trying to expose the truth.


I liked Elise, she seemed to have a stable head on her shoulders.  As a heroine she wasn’t wishy-washy or whiny, which is always a plus.  Also the story concept itself was interesting in the beginning.


But unfortunately I found it hard to stay in step with the story overall.  First, there was the bouncing back and forth between the current characters and their previous selves.  Sometimes it made sense, but other times there didn’t seem to be a reason for showing the past scenes.  Yes, while  it did help to fill in some of the gaps in the story, it wasn’t always clear who was remembering the pas events or if anyone was remembering it at all.  Also, and this might be a bit of a spoiler, but it wasn’t really clear how or why Adam was reincarnated (I know that doesn’t make sense right now, but if you read the story it does).


Considering the other three “test” subjects were chosen for a specific reason, and on top of that the fact that he died before the others were “experimented” on, I still didn’t understand how he was reincarnated.  Another annoying thing was that up until the last page there were STILL double-crosses and plot twists. I understand they are there to make the story a page turner, but after a while I just wanted to get to the end. Which leads me to my final issue.  After the climax, which was action packed, the ending itself just seemed to be a let down.  I don’t know if I expected a world changer, but it just sort of ended.


The book IS filled with intrigue and twists and turns. As a whole, I give it 3 controllers out of 5.  I just think it could have been told in a way that was easier to read, and maybe some of the intrigue could have been left to the side in favor of explaining a few other things better.



My Rating

3 out of 5 Controller

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About the Author:
Saleena Karim is a British-Asian writer and editor who lives in Nottingham, England. She has a BSc degree in Human Biology from Loughborough University. She is the author of two books on history, and is the founder/director of the Jinnah Archive online. Her main subjects of interest are Islamic ethics and M.A. Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Her passion has always been writing, in whatever form. She has worked as a webmaster, a literary columnist and as an editor; she has translated a number of Urdu works into English; and she has also been a co-writer for a UK television show (Deliver!). Her first book, Secular Jinnah: Munir’s Big Hoax Exposed (2005) received critical acclaim. Her second book, Secular Jinnah & Pakistan: What the Nation Doesn’t Know (2010), is a detailed biography on M.A. Jinnah.

Saleena has composed soundtracks and themes for the independent-TV/film production company, Deliverance Films (Deliver! and Curse Of The Bands). She has also produced cover art for OurBeacon Books.



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