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{Review} Pantheons (Pantheons #1) by E.J. Dabel



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  • Title: Pantheons
  • Author: E.J. Dabel
  • Publisher: Sea Lion Books
  • Publication Date: January 8, 2012
  • ASIN: B006V7NPJE
  • Pages: 257
  • Review Source: Publisher for Honest Review
  • Find it: Goodreads / Amazon

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On the streets, they call fifteen year old orphan Isaiah Marshall the “Indestructible Diamond”. Isaiah is the leader of the “Redrovers”, a group of teenage misfits consisting of his friends Jeremy, Monty, and Pipsqueak, but when they trespass into “Kaliber Academy” to get even with the arrogant Jason Ollopa, they are in way over their heads.

Principal Webb enrolls them into the High School and Isaiah soon learns about the existence of the gods of the Ancient World. Because the gods have refused to fight the last War for fear of the Mysterious Dark, the Powers-that-Be have stripped them of their spiritual bodies and given them mortal, teenage forms.

Isaiah discovers he’s not only a god, but that he’s the child of the Greek goddess Metis, the son destined to overthrow his cruel and sadistic father Zeus, the Darkener of the Sky, and become the greatest god in all the Pantheons.

Isaiah is thrown into a world where the democratic Olympians, war-mongering Norse, Gothic Celts, firstborn Egyptians, the enlightened Hindu, the animal-like Aztecs, the martial artist Asians, the intelligent Babylonians, the great spirits of the Native American Indians, and the fierce Finnish will war against one another for the greatest of all prizes: the Dominion.










My Thoughts on Pantheons:


I’m torn with this book.  The idea and premise behind it I really liked.  I love ancient religions and I really like to see how authors write them into present day situations.  I also really liked the fact that the author of Pantheons used not just well known gods but also more obscure ones, such as gods from Native American and Chinese culture.


The story itself is really intriguing as well.  All the different pantheons must fight a war every age to decide which pantheon will rule.  What happens if they all agree not to fight? Also what if the war to decide the next age hinges not on the elder gods, but on a new god, born in the modern age, who up until recently didn’t even know he was a god at all?
Unfortunately there were issues with the book that caused me not to enjoy it as much as I think I should have.
One thing I had a problem with was the writers’ style. When it comes to descriptions I’m of the opinion that sometimes less is more.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good detailed description as much as the next reader.  It helps to draw you in and really helps you to see the characters and their surroundings.  But the fewer words to do this the better (there are some exceptions to this, but they are few and far between). I found the author kept repeating certain words in a description.  Or at times he would be creating a certain mood for a scene and then throw in a word that just seemed to negate the whole effect.  I found myself wanting to skim through the descriptions, but I couldn’t in case I missed an important detail to the story itself.


Another problem I had was with the characters. One character in particular was portrayed as being strong, mentally as well as physically. They were supposed to be knowledgeable, and had a back story filled with regrets about the life lessons they had learned.  Then out of the blue he repeats his actions from his past all over again. When you add the characters acting out of character in certain parts, it just doesn’t make sense.


Overall, the bad finally outweighed the good for me on this one.  I give the book 2 out of 5 controllers.  I loved the story itself, or at least the idea of it.  But I just couldn’t get into it, the main reasons being the authors writing style and the issues I had with the characterization. .



My Rating

2 out of 5 Controllers

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