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Day 90

Is it possible to have too much information or creativity floating around in your head? I think the biggest problem I run into is organizing my ideas into something usable for my stories. Sometimes I have ideas in the shower, other times I have a really great Earth shattering scene plotted out in my mind while I am driving. I find it difficult sometimes to remember all the little details that I have created for my characters while on the go. Being a mom its hard to just drop whatever I am doing and write when the idea comes. I have learned that its easier to just pick up my Ipod or cell phone and record a short memo or two in order to have that information for later. Even then when I listen to what I have recorded it really doesn’t sound like what I thought it was going to. I think this is mainly because I am better at expressing myself through a keyboard than with my voice. I know that sounds insane (and it probably is) but anyone will tell you that I spend more time sending text messages/IM’s/or notes than I do talking. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, it’s just what I am use to and as I have recently found out, it’s a habit that is very hard to break.

I am also the type of person that loves to arm myself with information. When I set my mind to something I research, research, and do probably more research than is necessary, until I feel comfortable with the decision I have made to do whatever it is that is fairly new to me. This may be purchasing a new piece of technology, or as with the current case, writing my 1st novel. I did not realize how much information was on the web about writing, what not to write, how to build characters, what dialogue’s should or should not be, it’s all very complicated and time-consuming to read. While most of it is great information I do believe that too much of a good thing will cause a person to psych themselves out, which i think I have done for the past few days. It has been very hard to break myself out of this “oh it sucks and no one is going to read it” attitude. In order to do this I have had to “trick” my mind into thinking about something else, whether it’s video games, reading, or working on anything other than my novel.  In a couple of days I hope to go back to my novel with fresh eyes and pick up my story where I left off at 32,000 words.

So lessons for day 90:

• Stay focused

• It’s okay to take a break

• Be positive

• You are your own worst enemy so be Proud of what you do and a Champion for Your Work!

• Don’t forget to breathe

• Just keep pushing

• Don’t let others hinder your growth

Stats for today:

Amendment to yesterdays post:  Last Night I had a crazy itch to write and came up with 4,869 words!!! That is something to smile about 🙂

• 2,000 words wrote last between last night and early this morning

• I hope to get in a game of Dragon Age 2 this afternoon (but we will see)

• My daughter has a cold so I guess most of my day will be spent at home