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{Graphic Novel Review} The Last of the Greats Vol.1 by Joshua Hale Fialkov





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The Infinite Horizon is the tale of an American soldier’s epic journey home following a protracted war half a world away. Every step of his odyssey must be earned as he struggles to survive not just the war, but breakdowns of the world’s economy and communications.







My Take on The Last of the Greats Volume 1:





And no I don’t mean that necessarily in a good way. I have very mixed feelings about this graphic novel. The Last of the Greats was a very bizarre read, and deeply disturbing.  I am no stranger to weird; in fact I love things that are a little bit out of the ordinary. I find it to be very refreshing and most of the time it puts me on the path to new authors, and artists (see my review of Carnal).


Most of the time…


The story begins with humanity on the brink of destruction by an alien invasion. The second-to-last Great, or superhero/God, has died and a group of humans travel to Antarctica to convince the last Great to defend them. After a lot of violence, the Great decides to help him on the condition that humans surrender themselves to him completely, by worshiping him and giving up all of their weapons. The beginning narrative had me hooked and flipping pages like crazy. However, the deeper I swam inside the graphic novel, the more extreme it became. At one point I was watching the Great kill an innocent child, then work his magic to seduce Oprah, and the next I was watching him rip off his skin to become another Great. There is also a very disturbing intimate scene between the two main characters.  Like I said, it’s all over the place. Despite not falling in love with the overall story, I did like it. I also enjoyed the vibrant artwork, and towards the end we are introduced to a kick-A$$ little girl. And even though it was over-the-top and I was a little disconcerted by some of the things that happened in the story, it was still entertaining.


Overall, The Last of the Greats is a graphic novel about a superhero/God with no humanity who does things for his own personal gain no matter who he must kill in the process.  I’m still not sure if I will read the next issue, however I do recommend it to those of you who like something that is different, very different.



My Rating

3.5 Out of 5 Controllers

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Recommendation: Due to the graphic nature of this comic (nudity, violence, strong language), NOT recommended for anyone under 18.









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