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{Featured} The Stereotypical Freaks: Guest Post from Author Howard Shapiro

Today we welcome author Howard Shapiro to Mother/Gamer/Writer along with his new graphic novel The Stereotypical Freaks and a guest post on Getting Published. You know how much we love comics and graphic novels here on the blog, so it’s always wonderful to be able to introduce something new to everyone.  The Stereotypical Freaks is a new YA graphic novel that delivers a heartwarming story. According to Shapiro, The main character, Jacoby was inspired by a real life teen, John Challis,

“John was a teenager dying of cancer who faced his death with courage, dignity, and a never-quit attitude that changed how I went about my daily life. So much so, that I was inspired to create Jacoby to help honor John’s memory and his message of ‘Courage + Believe = Life.”





The Stereotypical Freaks is about the Battle of the Bands that the main characters enter, but at its heart it is a story about friendship, the power of music and how we deal with loss. The power of music brings them together… the power of friendship, creativity, and determination takes them on a journey that will inspire the rest of their lives. We can expect to see the first The Stereotypical Freaks graphic novel to arrive in the Fall of this year from our friends at Sea Lion Books, and two more additional books are planned for the future.


Please enjoy the guest post, and check out some of the pages from the upcoming graphic novel!









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Kids who aren’t perfect, don’t get straight A’s, drive a cool car and couldn’t possibly get a date with a cheerleader or the homecoming queen.




















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Revising Your Story: Getting Published


In August, 2012 the culmination of three years of work, and a thousand different twists and turns, will finally take place.  That is when my debut Graphic Novel, “The Stereotypical Freaks” will be published.  I’ve gone through two publishers, an agent, four illustrators and hundreds of re-writes to get the book out into the marketplace.  It’s a happy ending to a story that seemed like it would never end.


Without going over the whole process from start to finish, the one thing that never changed or wavered was my feeling that the story I had done was a strong one with a great cast of characters.  Many times that is what kept me going, no matter what I was going to get this book published because I believed so much in the story and its ability to leave an impression on whoever reads it.  So, as a piece of advice, I would tell any aspiring writer to get to the point with your story where you feel is great, the best thing you’ve ever done and then revise it and then keep revising it until you get to the point where you feel that your story can make a true impact on the reader.  You have to have that undying feeling that your story will be the best thing out there and don’t let anyone tell you any different.  That’s not to say to be un-receptive to advice, just know deep down that your story is the best thing you’ve ever done and you will not stop until it gets the attention of a publisher or agent who feel the same way as you do.


The journey can be a long one (see paragraph one) but it will be worth it if you assemble a team that shares your feeling about your story… don’t settle for anything less.  Believe in it, don’t compromise or sell yourself short and work as hard as you can and you can realize your literary and publishing dreams.


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Check It Out:

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Since I decided to start writing children’s stories my goal has been to create characters that adults and kids would care about and be interested in following their journey. And also to create stories that SAY SOMETHING. There are thousands of kids books out there and in my little corner of the book store, I want and wanted to do something that can stand the test of time, be relevant and vital. Plus, make it entertaining and enjoyable to read each and every time. I hope I am succeeding in that goal. You can visit Howard's website at

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Joe Pekar began his art career doing character design and animation in the field of video games. After deciding that a lifetime of video game design was not for him, Joe turned to his passion of drawing, girls, and computer coloring to create his Naughty Girls. Joe is the author of Naughty Girls Volume 1, Pigtails Volume 1, and Strawberry. A comic book entitled Brandi Bare, and based on one of his pinup drawings is due from Silent Devil Productions in the near future. You can find Joe's artwork at


Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Sea Lion Books LLC is a newly established publishing house which specializes in all formats—hardcover, trade paperback, and mass market and in urban fantasy and young adult genres. Sea Lion Books LLC recent roster of authors include: International Bestselling author, Anne Rice, Paulo Coelho, New York Times Bestselling authors, Richelle Mead, Patrick Rothfuss,Richard A. Knaak, F. Paul Wilson, Melissa de la Cruz and Becca Fitzpatrick.  You can visit Sea Lion Books at:










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