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Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Game Novel Challenge April Link-up



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Hello everyone and welcome back to another monthly link-up for the M/G/V Challenge! And for those of you finding this Challenge for the first time, you can read all the information on the guidelines, challenge levels, and prizes at THIS POST!


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Round 4 is here and I can’t wait to see what everyone is reading. There is not a whole lot to update everyone on; I just want to thank you for your continued participation and sharing your ideas and reviews. And as always I am trying to improve the quality of this challenge and amp up the fun factor for you guys, so with that being said there will be a Mid Challenge Giveaway of either a $25 iTunes Gift Card or a $25 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble/Amazon (winners’ choice)! This will just be my way of saying thank you and encouraging you all to keep pushing forward and continue on until the end. I will post more on this giveaway as we get closer to July!



That’s it for now, let’s finish up April strong with lots of reviews!!!









Quick reminder that January, February, and March Link-Up’s are still open for new participants or if you just want to check out what others are reading.

















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