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Naruto Shippuden June 2011 Schedule Released

I know this has nothing to do with gaming, but I am a major fan of the Naruto series and have been since the first episode!  I was ecstatic when the show returned on Disney XD with brand new episodes (even though they are behind in seasons), and it finally looks like they will continue to release more.  The June 2011 Japanese release of Naruto Shippuden shows the series will continue in the same exciting fashion as months past, maybe even more, as fans can celebrate with the long-awaited reunion of rivals! Listed below is the episode schedule and the working titles which may change one this shows are live.  You can find the episodes on Hulu, or if you’re like me you can watch them on Disney XD.


Episode #214: The Burden I Should Bear – June 02, 2011

Episode #215: The Fated Two – June 09, 2011

Episode #216: Top Class Shinobi – June 16, 2011

Episode #217: Infiltrator – June 23, 2011

Episode #218: Nations on the Move – June 30, 2011