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Cover Reveal: Cataclysm (The Watchers Trilogy #3) by Karice Bolton

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for another awesome cover reveal here at Mother/Gamer/Writer. As you all know, Karice Bolton the author of The Watchers Trilogy is a wonderful friend of ours and we are pleased to be participating in the cover reveal for her final book in the Trilogy, Cataclysm.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out this fantastic series, we suggest you do so. You can see Heathers 5 Controller review of Awakening HERE, and our review of Legions will be up later this week. Karice will also be participating in my Blog Anniversary Party/Giveaway in June, so make sure you check back and follow the posts for your chance to win ALL 3 books!!


But for now, check out the STUNNING cover and let us know what you think….










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When it becomes obvious that the dark side will stop at nothing to control the mortal world, Ana is faced with a decision that could determine the fate of Fallen Angels everywhere. Determined to not use mortals as pawns, Ana does her best to prepare for the battles ahead while protecting the innocent souls around the world. As danger looms at every turn, she realizes that the ones she thought were prey might actually be the predators, and it will take an army like never before to stop the wickedness from spreading throughout the world.








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