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{Blog Tour} The Weeping by O’Dell Hutchinson: Review & Guest Post on Video Games!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Mother/Gamer/Writer for The Weeping Blog Tour! Today it’s my pleasure to have author O’Dell Hutchinson on the blog with a fabulous guest post titled, “Video Games & Books – Setting the Perfect Atmosphere”. As you all know, the one thing I love more than books is video games, so it was no wonder that when I found out O’Dell was a gamer too, I asked him to tie the two together. And he did just that, in a great post that I think everyone will enjoy.  And if you were wondering just how great is The Weeping, check out Heather’s review.





The Weeping

by O’Dell Hutchison

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  • ISBN-13: 9780984903948
  • Publisher: H,C & B Publishing
  • Publication date: 3/6/2012
  • Pages: 282
  • Age range: 14 years

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Twenty years ago, Catherine Whitley was the victim of a horrible crime. Betrayed by her friends, including the boy she loved, she was left to die when the Rock Harbor Opera House caught fire, taking a disturbing secret with her to her grave. 

Seventeen-year-old Heath Ingram was driving the night his Jeep careened off the road, killing three of his closest friends. Once a popular, outgoing athlete, Heath now suffers from severe depression and crippling anxiety. His parents decide to send him to stay with his uncle in Rock Harbor, Oregon for the summer, praying that by getting away he will be able to put this awful tragedy behind him.

When Heath starts working at the newly renovated Rock Harbor Opera House, he meets Molly, a young dancer who awakens in him a desire to start over and move on. But, when he begins having visions of a half-burned girl in a white dress, he starts to think he may be slipping even further over the edge.

As the apparent hauntings become more intense, Heath begins to fear for his safety. With the help of his friend Josie, Heath discovers an unsettling secret that ties the mysterious girl to both their families. When two of their friends die unexpectedly, Josie and Heath realize that something, or someone, is after the children of those who wronged Catherine, and they are next





 MY Thoughts on The Weeping:

The Weeping is a mysterious ghost story with a twist that you’ll never see coming. At least I never saw it coming, and I’ll admit, it’s quite difficult to pull the wool over my eyes!
Heath is a young man of about 17 who has been in a horrific life changing car accident. He feels responsible for the deaths of his best friend, his best friend’s girlfriend, and his on again off again girlfriend. It had been the night of the prom when the four of them were headed up to a cabin when Heath became distracted at the wheel and hit a deer.  While Heath survived, he was left injured and left with the memory and guilt of what happened.
His parents, not knowing what else to do, sent him to spend the summer with his uncle Vik. He just happened to own and run the town theatre, the very same theatre in which a young teenage girl had died 20 years prior. In fact, she was also the very same girl Heath’s father once dated.
As soon as Heath arrived he starts to see and hear Catherine. She is crying, she is upset, but most of all she appears unable to move on. Catherine was betrayed in life, but will she also be betrayed in death? Will Heath’s new found friends be able to piece together the puzzle in order to release her before it’s too late? Does Catherine get her revenge on those who wronged her?
Overall I really loved this story. It had a solid plot, a great list of characters, and enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing until the very end. Wow! My only complaint is that it was a little slow going in the beginning, but once I broke through I couldn’t put the book down. I’d highly recommend this story to those who love a good mystery, a good small town cover-up mystery!


My Rating

4.5 out of 5 Controllers

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Video Games & Books – Setting the Perfect Atmosphere

O’Dell Hutchison’s


When I was asked to write a guest post for “Mother, Gamer, Writer”, I was very excited, because the site not only focuses on books (which I love) but also on video games (which I also love).
When the words just aren’t coming, or if I just need to sort out the jumbled plot and story arcs wrestling in my brain, I like to settle in for a little Xbox or PS3 time. There’s nothing like a little virtual zombie hunting to release the tension.
Survival Horror is one of my favorite genres, along with FPS. When “Left 4 Dead” came along, I was in heaven! One of the things I loved most about this game is that it drops you into the action immediately. There’s no twenty-minute “how to” and no slow-build to the action. You’re immediately dropped into the middle of a zombie outbreak and expected to survive, which, when you think about it, is pretty much exactly as it would be should we find ourselves in the middle of an attack of the undead. As far as I know, there’s no community college class for zombie survival. If I’m wrong about this, someone please let me know. I need to sign up!
Another series of games I really like are the “Silent Hill” games. These games are slower to get going, but they are extremely creepy. The games are very immersive and usually require patience, critical thinking, survival skills and nerves of steel if you want to make it through to the end.
Another game that is similar in gameplay is “Siren: Blood Curse”. This was one of the first games I downloaded for my PS3 and it scared the crap out of me. The game play is fairly simple and straightforward, and there’s not really anything innovative here, but the creepy storyline totally sucked me in.
The thing that all of these games have in common, outside of the fact that they are all horror games, is that they all create the perfect atmosphere which amps up the experience, and they all have an immersive and engaging story surrounding the gameplay.
Just like a good book, these games would be nothing without the narrative driving them forward and the creepy settings that jangle our nerves.


What are some of your favorite survival horror games?

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O'Dell Hutchison was born in a small rural town in Idaho. After attending college in the Pacific northwest, he found his way to the Houston area in 1997. He currently lives in Katy, TX with his dog, Gia. By day, he is a Business Systems Analyst. In his free time, he tries (and fails) to work out regularly and eat healthy. He also acts and directs at various theaters around Houston.








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