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The Indie Spotlight: Character Interview with Seth and Faris from When Copper Suns Fall

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Welcome everyone to day four of The Indie Spotlight with KaSonndra Leigh. I hope you guys have had a ton of fun following along with all the awesome posts. If you have missed any of the fantastic action, you can find all the information in THIS POST.

Today you guys are in for such a special treat (fellas you might want to sit this post out as it is strictly for the ladies 🙂 ). The dark and mysterious Faris, along with the equally to die for Seth, are both on the blog today answering a few questions about life, love, and power.  Doesn’t get any better than that right? And ladies, if you haven’t had your morning coffee…you might need to take a sip…






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1.  Welcome guys! Thanks for hanging out at the blog today. For my readers who don’t know you can you tell us a little bit about yourselves.

I’m Seth Alton, someone you’ve already met, I believe. I’m a physical trainer in a camp for baddies. Or, at least kids who think they’re rebellious anyway. I can also be the guy of your dreams if you like. **dimple grin**

Faris Toulan, here. Good to meet you. I lead a group of warriors skilled in the defense arts. You seem like a nice girl. Don’t let other people in the room ruin that for you. **Flips a braid out of his eyes and glares at Seth**



2.  So what’s been happening since we left you in Copper Suns?

Seth: Nothing much. Small things such as finding creative ways to steal Faris’s girlfriend. You’ll find that he’s kind of, eh-em, tied up at the moment. (Beams a million-dollar smile at me.)

Faris:  I don’t even have to think so. That’s not gonna happen.


Seth:  **smirks, makes a little laugh** Why? Do you think that little trick you did under the rising waves won her over?

Faris:  No. But she’s a descendant of Leezra Konkrin. Which means you don’t stand a chance. Well, maybe when you fall asleep and start dreaming.


**Seth shrugs and gives me an “I-don’t-give a-da**” look**



3.  I know you both are on opposite sides, which side do you think is the “right” side? Or the side that will win.

Seth: How do you know we’re on opposite sides? You think so little of me. I’m hurt. **places a hand over his heart and crumples his face** Any side fortunate enough to have me will win.

Faris: **rolls his eyes, shakes his head a bit** And anybody who listens to a talking snake deserves to get bitten. My side will win.




4.  Seth, you can’t deny you have feelings for Chela. And Faris we all know you do. What my readers want to know is, who do you all perceive is the best man for Chela?

Faris:  **holds a hand up before Seth opens his mouth** Unlike other arrogant people in the room, I do believe Chela will make the best decision for her.

Seth:  So incredibly boring, isn’t he? You can admit it to me, lovely. (He’s talking to me now) I’ll even slam my hands over his ears so he won’t hear you say it.


Faris:  Take one step near me and lose an eye. No, even better. I’ll start with your mouth. That way, the rest of the interview will be quiet.


**Seth raises his left eyebrow, and gives me a crooked smile. Surprisingly he’s silent, but smug.**




5. Faris if you could do one thing over again and yield a different result what would it be?

**a faraway look crosses his handsomely face** I’d ask for a heart that’s hard enough to do the one thing I couldn’t  do back in the Oceania. I just didn’t think I’d be able to live with myself. Sorry. I can’t say anything else about it.

**he glances over at Seth who shrugs**




6. Who, or which side, has the best abilities?


Seth: Really? Have you seen his weapons? They’re nothing but fancy sticks blessed by the archangel Gabriel. My people rule.


Faris:  Is that right? By your people, do you mean the soldiers you created? You know, the ones where you used innocent people? That was your crew, right? Or maybe you needed to do something to make up for your lame ex-girlfriend’s weak powers? The girl sitting in the frozen prisons as we speak.


**Seth looks annoyed for the first time since we started the interview. His mouth forms a snarl.**



7.  Seth, would you ever want to fight for the “good” side?


I fight for the good all the time, loveliest one. You know how it goes. All you need to do is open your eyes and see the trees. But they’ll all look like me. I like that image. Hundreds of Seth Altons. (Beside him, Faris closes his eyes and shakes his head slowly).



8.  Who is the best man for Chela? (I snuck this in twice…hehe)


Both Faris and Seth speak at the same time:  I am!




9.  If you guys could describe yourselves in 1 word, what would it be?

Seth:  Misunderstood Prince

Faris:  That’s two words. She said ONE word.

Seth:  I had to make one up for you. Don’t worry, we’ve all noticed from your answers that thinking isn’t your strong point.


Faris:  **Flashes a rare, super gorgeous smile** You must be referring to me as the prince then, because you’re definitely misunderstood. As in nobody understands your rock-brained answers.


**Seth grumbles and narrows his eyes**


Faris:  Rogue. That’s my word.




10. Lastly, can you tell the readers something about yourselves that no one else knows?

Seth: I’ll let the rogue speak first since he’s so very mysterious and all.

Faris:  Thanks, Rockboy. I enjoy painting floating holograms. It calms my nerves after fights. And Chela loves them. **gives Seth a gloating grin**


Seth:  **scoffs and throws his hands up** Do you see why I always go first? If not, then you get answers like these. People don’t want to hear about stupid pictures that can float in the air. They want to hear about the loss and pain I’ve suffered at the hands of your people.  **silence from both guys**





Wow you guys are too funny. What an awesome and insightful interview. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and answering a few fangirl questions. I’m totally cheesing over here.*blushing*  Are there any last words you’d like to say to the readers?



Seth: I am the alpha-omega, the first and the last of my kind.

Faris:  Should we go find this guy a choir? Because I’m thinking he’s about to start preaching any minute now.

**yet another rare smile from Faris and a grumble from Seth**




My name is Seth Alton…

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And I’m Faris Toulan…

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Today’s Clue: The letter K





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