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Book Boyfriends, Copper Suns Playlist, & This or That with KaSonndra Leigh

It’s day one of The Indie Spotlight with author KaSonndra Leigh. And as promised we have cooked up something exciting for you guys. Today for your reading pleasure we have the complete Playlist for When Copper Suns Fall, songs that inspired KaSonndra’s bittersweet tale of love. While you are rocking out to the music videos, check out her list of Top 10 Book Boyfriends, all the hunky goodness from various books and of various…err…species.  What would this feature be without a This or That Quiz? I picked KaSonndra’s brain and asked her the tough questions; you know zombies, vamps, shifters, magic or superpowers. You get the idea. Just sit back and relax as you let you eyes soak up every inch of today’s goodies.

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Hope you enjoy, Take it away KaSonndra…





First I’d like to say thank you Diayll for allowing me this opportunity to be spotlighted on your wonderful blog this week. Readers and bloggers have been so kind to me during this adventure. I can’t wait to share the story behind the music on my website, the heart of When Copper Suns Fall.


I think every author has some kind of motivation technique when crafting a scene. For me, it’s about taking the essence of the novel as a whole when writing a scene. And to do that without losing sight of the story elements, I use music. Copper Suns is a cross-genre novel. It is pretty much a dark urban fantasy, but with heavy dystopian elements. So I listened to music that put me in the mood. Here’s a list of seven songs that very much influenced my writing process:




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[title4_wrap]The Official Copper Suns Playlist:[/title4_wrap]


1.   Furious Angels by Rob Dougan

Character: Faris’s Song


Opening Lyrics:  Like a sentence of death, I’ve got no options left, I’ve got nothing to show now.
No this isn’t me giving the Matrix’s soundtrack a shout out. This one liner sums up everything about When Copper Suns Fall. But mostly, it tells the short version of Chela and Faris’s story and why they fell in love. I’ve read in some places that they’re both victims of insta-love.

Not true. Listen to this song. Read it. And then you’ll see.
I had this vision of two souls who’d lost everything…or were about to lose everything. That’s a real connection. One that can actually happen overnight. Gasp! February is the month of love.

Dare to believe in love at first sight. Oh, and then go listen to the song again because it rocks!




2.    Who Am I Living For? By Katy Perry

Character: Chela’s Song


If you’ve heard Katy Perry’s heavy base and hard beats coupled with some pretty haunting lyrics, then you’ll understand why this is Chela’s song.




3.   Teardrop by Massive Attack

Chela’s song- One suggestion…Watch the WCSF book trailer and then listen to the song.





4.    Bring Me to Life by Evanescence

Character: Seth’s Song


This song helped me to focus on the core being of my character, Seth Alton. Listening to the words on this one tells you so much about him.




5.    My Immortal by Evanescence


This one kind of goes without saying again. And I truly don’t want to ruin the story by talking too much about this one.  So, I’ll let my readers listen to the song and place it with the right scene when reading.




6.    Uprising by Muse


The song offers an overall feel for the dystopian nature behind the book. This one covers the entire series as well.





7.    Paint the Sky with Stars by Enya

Character(s): Chela and Faris



Okay. So there’s a romantic element in the story if you haven’t guessed by now. And this song is so pretty and light. There’s a scene in the book where you’ll be able to picture lying there and listening to this song in the background. Ahhh. LoL. All right, I’m giving out too much information.





8.    Frozen by Madonna

Character(s):  Seth’s Song


The lyrics: You only see what your eyes want to see, how can life be what you want it to be…you’re frozen when your heart’s not open.





9.    I Who Have Nothing by Haley Reinhart

Character: Faris’s song


Yeah. Yeah. I know. This is about a woman pining for her guy. She feels as if she has nothing to offer and the other girl has everything to give him. But I’m just saying. Be creative. Turn the tables and just imagine a guy in this situation. He’d heartbreakingly charismatic right?





10.  Immortal Memory by Elegy


The power of memory plays a large part in the story. And when you listen to this song, it puts you in something like a calm trance. Books with celestial themes should have some type of meditative element. And this song sums up WCSF’s message with breathtaking ease.



You can listen to some of these songs on my website. Two of them (Furious Angels and Teardrop) have been removed for some reason. But you can listen to them on Amazon and tons of other places. I do hope you enjoy reading the world I’ve created in When Copper Suns Fall.
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[title4_wrap]Top 10 Book Boyfriends:[/title4_wrap]


1.   Faris Toulan – When Copper Suns Fall 

Who else would top my list? He’s the ideal book boyfriend in my eyes. Charming, fearless, mysterious, sensitive, and royal-blooded. What more could a girl ask for?


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2.   Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries 

Almost won the top spot, but he’s a bit fickle and unpredictable. Plus, I might get him mad and he winds up tearing my heart out or something.

3.   Seth Alton – When Copper Suns Fall

The bad boy that every girl will hate to love…BUT will still find themselves falling for anyway. Admit it. Swoony villainous guys in black rule! 😀


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4.   Prince Ash from the Iron Fey Series

A bit chilly for my liking, but still top of the list worthy. After all, he was working on his mood issues there at the end.



5.   Jacob Black – Twilight 

Being of Native American ancestry myself, I have a strong connection with this guy. Sooooo…yes, he’s above the sparkly guy with the hard as stone skin on my list.


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6.   Jace Wayland – from the Mortal Instruments series

Same criteria as Seth’s but with blonde instead of brunette.



7.   Four from Divergent

One of two “normal” guys on my list. He’s sensitive, loyal, funny, and well…a divergent. That makes him all the more special right?



8.   Gale Hawthorne– the Hunger Games

Normal guy #2.No I don’t like the actor they found to play him. To me, Gaspard Ulliel would’ve been the perfect Gale. But he’s a bit too old for the part. So maybe they’ll work that movie magic and bring Gale to heartbreaking life.



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9.   Eric Northman – True Blood 

Last but in no ways the least. The only reason he isn’t up higher than the last two was because I wanted a couple of normal guys to get a bit of spotlight too.



10. Edward Cullen – Twilight

Would’ve been higher up on the list if he didn’t sparkle or have stony, cold skin. I like my guys warm and cuddly.




Okay. So I read a LOT of angel books if you can’t tell from this list. I probably forgot some really great boyfriends. Don’t feel bad. I’m sure someone else will add you to their list. 😀

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[title4_wrap]This or That:[/title4_wrap]


 1. Angels, Vampires, or Shifters?  This one kind of goes without saying…Angels all day long! When written correctly, they come with the ability to do all of the above. 😀


 2Coffee or Sweat Tea?  [image_border img=”” pos=”right”/]I’m a writer. Choosing between these two is like choosing death or body part loss. Both of these beautiful, brown liquids call to me on a regular basis. Buuuut if I must choose, then tea only because it’s the stronger of the two for me.


 3. Superpower or Magical Ability? Magical ability. A smart magician is a super person anyway.


 4. Books or Sleep?  Always books, never sleep.


 5. Writing or Reading? **gasps** Is this a trick question?  Again, the death or body part situation here. And this time, I can’t choose. One is equally as important as the other.



 6. Original or Sequels?  All of the above. But honestly, most times the sequels are improvements on the originals. And this only rings true in the book world. For movies, this rule is totally different. We all can think of at a movie sequel that just didn’t need to happen, right?


 7. Lastly tell the readers something interesting about yourself.  [image_border img=”” pos=”left”/]I garden and renovate. I mean, HGTV is a regular part of my life. My sons and I moved into a ranch house seven years ago that had been nicknamed the Adams Family House by the neighbors. Well, several paint jobs, frillies, window boxes, and new landscaped bushes later, we’ve made our own Italian getaway. The neighbors love it, and my sons get the chance to grow up in a great house. It was great writer’s block therapy too! 😀







Once again, I’d like to thank Diayll for hosting me on her site today.



Where to buy When Copper Suns Fall:


Barnes &Noble







Today’s clue:  I am not the one who goes by the alias of alpha-omega.




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