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Manga/Graphic Novel/Video Game Novel Challenge February Link-up

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Happy, happy month of L-O-V-E everyone. Welcome back for round 2 of the M/G/V Challenge. Last month, everyone came hard and reviewed some really great books, most of which I’ve never heard of but have recently added to my TBR pile. I’m still wondering how I am going to meet my goal, because not only have I challenged myself to read 60 books for the M/G/V, but also 100 books for the Goodreads Challenge. LOL. I know I can do it though; maybe I just need the help of a clone.


If you didn’t get a chance to check them out, you can visit THIS POST to see all of last months reviews!

Things have also been quite hectic around here. February has turned out to be quite a busy, busy month. [image_border img=”http://empyreanedge.com/wp-content/uploads/busy-mom.jpg” pos=”left” caption=”/]Still, I hope you guys are having fun reading the challenge books and visiting each other’s sites. Maybe you have even made a few blogging buddies along the way? I am interested in knowing if the link-up posts are working, if you all think we should do it differently, or even if its fine to continue to do it this way, please let me know that as well. Leave a comment because I want everyone to have a great experience and anyway that I can help with that, I am willing.


Of course I will start off again by adding my reviews that I’ve done so far into the link. If anyone has questions, concerns, or the sh*t just ain’t working (excuse my southern girl charm), don’t hesitate to contact me! Hehe…




I guess that’s enough of my ramblings for now, oh and I decided to not put a time limit on when you can post your monthly reviews, so long as you do post one for the relevant month of the link-up post!…ta-ta my lovelies!!





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