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Creature Kid Blog Tour Stop: Guest Post from Author Rashad Freeman

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Welcome everyone to Mother/Gamer/Writer for the Creature Kid Blog Tour. Today for you reading pleasure, please enjoy a delightful guest post from author Rashad Freeman on what it takes to be a writer. We hope you like it and thank you for stopping by my side of the blogging planet!





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Creature Kid Volume 1: The Teenage Chronicles

By Rashad Freeman

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  • BN ID: 2940013674875
  • Publisher: Rashad Freeman
  • Publication date: 1/2/2012

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Why do the movies always portray mutants as having some kind of glorious plight? If a kid got bit by a radioactive spider he’d probably puke webs right before he died. Men that can walk through bullets and fly don’t dress in tights and pretend to be newspaper reporters. And there are no special flashlights to shine in the air to signal you when there’s trouble. You want to be a superhero and fight crime? Prospects are unlikely at best. Chances are you’d just get sued by the criminals you arrested and put in prison for delivering your own vigilante justice.
The truth of the matter is living as a mutant is risky business. Uncontrollable outbreaks, delusions of grandeur and don’t forget the horde of scientists eager to pick you apart to figure out what makes you tick. Did you really expect a special school to crop up just to take care of all the misfortunate adolescents? Or you could create your own little team by adding Fantastic, Super, or Glorious to the front of a number. No, you wouldn’t be so lucky. And neither was Anthony Dimair, as a matter of fact he was the exact opposite. Now he must survive long enough to find the meaning of his Uncle’s cryptic message while avoiding capture, fighting the elements, and trying to not end up as dinner





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So You Want To Be A Writer



My name is Rashad Freeman and I’m a newly published author.  My debut novel, “Creature Kid:  The Teenage Chronicles” has been out for a little more than a month.  This, of course makes me an expert in all things publishing.  And I seek to share that knowledge with you now.
Who in the (insert four letter word) is Rashad Freeman, you may be asking yourself.  Well my little series has been touted as the next Harry Potter.  I’ve often times been compared to JK Rowling herself and some believe that I’m a bizarre mix of Ernest Hemingway and Henry Thoreau.  At least this is what I tell myself when I close my eyes.
I, like many simply wanted to be a writer.  So I wrote, then I wrote some more, then I wrote some more.  I wrote novels, I wrote poems, I even have a few movie scripts floating around somewhere.  But never once did the idea of seeking an agent and chasing down a publisher cross my mind.  I know that sounds strange, because I would have little hope of reaching very many readers.  But I never gave much thought to what I would do with any finished material.  Fast forward a few years and I’m sitting on a thumb drive full of half finished books.
At this point I finally thought, now what.  Not long after my epiphany I started hearing talk about Kindle’s and Nook’s and the self publishing craze.  I wasn’t too knowledgeable on the whole eBook front so I took to the internet and started reading.  A few more months pass and here we are.  I’m a full fledged published writer.
So, what are my thoughts on the whole process?  It’s great to be a writer, very difficult to be a promoter and even harder to live up to the hype which you will create in your head.  I only have one book out and the promotion efforts for that leave me with very little time to write anything else.
However, the rewards of taking your baby and offering her to the world cannot be measured.  There is something very special when you finally finish a book you’ve worked on for so long.  We all may have visions of Ferrari’s and mansions, but the feeling of having someone say they “loved” your book is something else.  So my advice to the world is this, if you truly want to be a writer, start writing.[gap /]











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About the Author:

Rashad Freeman is a Florida native and avid water sports enthusiast.  When he’s not chasing his 3 boys around or working hard for his real job he writes young adult action adventure novels and adult mystery/thrillers.  His first title “Creature Kid Volume I” debuted January 1, 2012 and is the first in a long string of action packed stories floating recklessly around in his head. For more information or to catch his latest rants visit











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