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Warriors For Light Blog Tour Stop: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!

Welcome everyone to Mother/Gamer/Writer for the Warriors For Light Blog Tour. For today’s tour stop, you’ll get my review of Book 3, Absolution, and an excerpt from Book 2 Dragon Child. There is also a 25 dollar gift card up for grabs, so make sure you enter the giveaway via the form below. Thanks for stopping by…




Warriors For Light Blog Tour Stop: Review, Excerpt & Giveaway!Absolution by LJ DeLeon
Series: Warriors For Light, #3
Published by: Dark Hallows Publishing on May 10, 2011
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, PNR
Pages: 114
Format: eBook
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About the Book:

He did the unforgivable. Druid Lucan Woods killed his surrogate father and best friend for the greater good. Wracked with guilt, he infiltrates a brotherhood of evil, hoping the mission is one way. Absolution may come from a missing Fae Princess, if he will accept it. Or will he reject her love and use her as a pawn in his drive to destroy the leader of the brotherhood?

Fae Princess Alanna has just learned her twin daughters are alive. She leaves hIfreann to search Earth for them. Only she can touch Luc’s heart. But will he let her? Will he open his stained soul and allow her to enter in time to save them both?




My Take on Absolution:



[quote pos=”right”]Absolution is a captivating novella with dangerously lovable characters.[/quote]


L.J. DeLeon took my image of the paranormal and spun it on its axis. In her sweet and enchanting novella Absolution, readers will be delighted to find a supernatural world filled with exciting creatures and an oh-so-sexy story. In DeLeon’s magical world there’s never a dull moment as she twines a tale of adventure, true love, hope, and redemption. The author takes us on a whirlwind journey of sacrifice that will leave you weak-kneed and hot for more. At first I was skeptical, unsure of where this story would lead me over the course of just a few hundred pages. Nevertheless, soon after I started I found myself engrossed in the characters, the plot, and the mystery and thinking to myself, “why haven’t I discovered her novellas before?”
Our main characters, Lucan and Allana, are woven together by a bond neither of them expected but both craved. Each is riddled with their own self-doubt, tortured pasts, and agendas, desperately searching for someone or something to save them. Over the course of the novel I enjoyed peeking into their lives and observing them as they came to terms with their prospective pasts in order to find their way to each other. Allana had a gentle yet courageous demeanor. As a healer her words flowed from the page like a melody, even and rhythmic, in a sing-song dance. It was beautifully written and part of the reason I fell in love with this story. The other yummy reason rests with Lucan, a Druid with a tear-jerking past. He is first and foremost a warrior, a mighty protector on the verge of self destruction. Throughout the novel we see Lucan’s touching transformation. It might make you melt; it will definitely make you swoon. And when he and Allana finally manage to come together, you can count on being swept away by their tender romance.
Overall, Absolution is a novella that will get you excited about love. It’s an enjoyable read you won’t even realize is over until you’ve reached the last page and are secretly wishing there was more. With its mixture of adventure, mystery, secrets, battles, and steamy love scenes, Absolution has something every paranormal fan can and should adore. My only complaint is that I did not read the two previous novels Warriors Rise and Dragon Child. It was a little jolting at first trying to sort out the characters and creatures, but once I understood the gist of the back story, I couldn’t have put this book down if I tried.



My Rating

4.5 out of 5 Controllers

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Dragon Child (Warriors For Light, #2)

Dragon Child Cover

  • BN ID: 2940012342584
  • Publisher: Dark Hallows Publishing
  • Publication date: 3/24/2011

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A fire-breathing dragon, Moira O’Neal, was exchanged at birth for a Fae princess. Discovering the truth, she escapes the cage of the royal court and joins forces with the sexiest wereleopard on Earthworld. She fights the urge to mate and the trap that comes with it as they race against time to find the missing princess and a master of the black arts who covets her power.

Major Steve Taylor, a wereleopard in the Army for Light, partners with the impetuous Moira in the middle a dangerous mission where failure means all their deaths. Worse, his leopard decides Moira is his mate, leaving the man at war with his cat.


Enjoy the Excerpt




Never one to ignore a warning, she inched forward, preparing to make her escape. The door opened and Ma entered followed by Major Steve Taylor, a wereleopard visiting from Earth.

Moira shivered at the sight of the tall, lean, hard-muscled warrior’s unflinching moss-green stare. His scent of laurel and crisp mountain air mixed with a hint of musk wafted over her, exciting every nerve ending. It drew her, enveloped her, melted her where she sat. Good thing she’d never gotten this close to him at her brother and Deva’s wedding. She inhaled again. Goddess help her, she would have fallen at his feet and made a fool of herself.

Moira gnawed on her lower lip. What was it about this hard, closed-off Were? What made her look twice at him when no other male triggered her interest?

A second later, a guard in the hall pulled the door shut, sealing them inside.

Moira eased back into her corner and prayed she escaped discovery. They couldn’t see her, but she could observe and hear everything from her location. . . .

He placed a finger to his lips and scanned the room. His eyes phased to those of a leopard, fitting seamlessly into his human face—unblinking, soft grass green with a narrowed black iris. His mouth opened slightly, his tongue pressed against his teeth, as if tasting the air. His head made small abrupt movements, taking in the room.

Moira’s eyes widened at his mouthed, “We aren’t alone.”

She froze as he turned and prowled toward her. Damn his wereleopard nose. She squeezed her eyes shut and prayed to the Goddess with every cell in her being she were invisible.

Goose bumps broke out all over her body. The air in front of her stilled. Nothing moved. Only his scent touched her.

He’d found her.

She opened her eyes and stared into his. Her chest constricted with dread. He stood, fully alert, feet planted directly in front of her. If he’d been in cat form, she suspected his ears would tip forward to catch the slightest breath. Whiskers would twitch, testing for any change in the air.
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About LJ DeLeon

Bestselling author, LJ DeLeon is an Army brat and a world-traveled former CIA Intelligence Analyst who has seen enough of this world to appreciate other worlds. Working for the CIA was great training for writing fantasy, paranormal, and futuristic romance–and understanding the warrior mentality–amazing how real life and fiction overlap. Honor: the ultimate seduction.