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DIY to Try – Home Decor: 2 Dollar Accent Vase

accent vase banner



This is one of those cute, spur-of-the-moment ideas, that actually turns into something brilliant! I’m in the process of still decorating my bedroom (it’s finally going to get painted you guys! YAY!) and needed a little kick – or pop – of coral. I wanted to something to sit on my nightstand that would correlate with the rest of the design. It needed to be small, simple, and cute. First I had the idea that I wanted flowers. But then I realized I hated live flowers in the house (messy, bug, have to water the darn thing). So then I thought, well,  why not artificial ones?


So, being the overly thrifty person I am, I headed to Dollar Tree, where everything costs $1. Because really, why spend thirty bucks or more when I could just make my own cute vase?







What Did I Get…


vase all stuff



Dollar Tree didn’t have anything coral but what I did find instead is a cute orange vase. It was the right size and the glass is clear-ish so it could resemble coral even though it wasn’t.  I wanted white flowers and only white flowers. Anything else might look tacky and luckily I found some really cute ones. And the garland I didn’t buy. It was left over from another project I’m working on but it did come from Dollar Tree so ta-da….it was $1.00!






The Finished Look….

vase done



I LOVE it. Though I plan on replacing the mat that’s on my nightstand and hanging those wall accents up later, I like how the vase just flows with everything else.  I wrapped the garland around the vase and tied it. I’d seen something similar done of a vase at Home Goods so I wanted to try it myself. I don’t think I did too shabby! 🙂






Second Look…


vase on shelf