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Spiritus Character Interview & Giveaway!


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Welcome back everyone for the final round of this week’s The Indie Spotlight. It has been a great week chatting with Dana and getting to know her novel inside and out. Of course you all know I had to save the best for last, so today I have a special guest Alastor, the enchanting ghost from Spiritus, is here to answer some questions about his life, his timeless love affair, and what’s in store for him in the future. And at the end, he and Dana are giving away 5 copies of Spiritus to 5 luck readers. So please give him a big welcome!





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  • Alastor, for readers who have not read your book can you give us a little background about yourself. Your life before death?


    I was born in Corydon Indiana in 1848.  I had one older brother named Atherton.  My parents were Beauregard and Catherine Sinclair.  I married the beautiful Rebecca McKinley, and I fought in what is now known as the Civil War.




  • If you had one perfect day with Becca, where would you go? What would you do?

    Oh, to have that day!  I would be alive again and able to take her hand with my own hand.  It seems to be such a simple thing, to touch the one that you love, but it is the most precious thing that I can imagine.  It would not matter where we went, it would only matter that I could hold her again.




  • How did it feel to see her go to the dance with Jonah?

    I did not like it.  He is just a boy and has no understanding of what it means to love her.  He is not worthy of her and will never appreciate her like I.



  • Were you the cause of Ashley’s “accident”?

    I was and always will protect my Becca and Ashley threatened my Becca.  I appeared to Ashley, what happened then was none of my doing.



  • If given a choice, would you let Becca go so that she could be happy?

    My only wish is for Becca to be completely happy.  I would, of course, go away and leave her be if it would bring her happiness, but it would not.  Our fates are intertwined, neither of us can escape that fact.



  • Name a song that sums up your relationship with Becca.

    I doubt many of your readers will be familiar with my choice.  Even though it is a southern song, I always think of Becca whenever I hear the song Lorena.




  • What’s the best and worst part of being a ghost?

    The best part of being a ghost is that there is nothing else to fear.  I have already lost everything that mattered.  The worst part is that I cannot be with Becca the way that a man should be with a woman.




  • Have you ever thought about crossing over?

    I have no desire to cross over to an existence that does not include my Becca.  She is my heaven and she is my hell.




  • Lastly, if you could have one thing right now, what would it be?

    Oh, to be alive again and hold my love in my arms.  It is such a cruel twist of fate that I can be near her, but never touch her.  When she cries, I cannot comfort her.  When she sleeps, I cannot hold her.  I would wish to be alive again, even for one brief moment.


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    Thank you Alastor for stopping by today, it has been a wonderful treat learning what’s going on inside that sexy head of yours and I cannot wait to see you in Hanuted. See you in the spirit realm!






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