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Xbox: What Do You Want to See in the Next Generation Console?

Oh the Xbox 360, the single most important piece of recreational technology I own.  Ask anyone and they will tell you how obsessed I am with my Xbox.  Many years ago, I feel out of love with video games after a failed attempt to beat Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis, a game that drove me completely insane causing a many year hiatus from gaming.  However, my gaming itch returned once again after I met the chunky black cased Xbox and its masterpiece, Halo: Combat Evolved.  It was love at first headshot.

Over the past few years I have owned three Xbox 360 consoles, one of which was purchased on the release date.  As the years have come and gone, I’ve enjoyed the updates to the system, my entertaining little avatar, and Netflix integration.  The new sleek and slimmer system was a much-needed improvement over the old box giving me a quiet, stable, inconspicuous unit to place in my living room.  I am always hyping the system to my friends and other random people I meet in the game aisle; some can’t even believe my fascination with a piece of equipment.  Usually I don’t have anything negative to say about my system of choice; however, over the last couple of months a few missing quirks have me questioning what’s going to be in the next system?  Below I have listed a few additions that I think are simple tweaks that can be made to Xbox/XBL in order for me to have a more satisfying Xbox experience.



Free Game with My Gold Membership –


  1. Free arcade game, why not?  If I am consistently paying sixty dollars a year for my membership, then I think it would be nice to have a small incentive driving me to renew my membership each year.  I am not a heavy online player, but what I do like is hoping on every now and then with friends and the ability to access a larger library of demos.  I think it would be beneficial to Microsoft if they started offering free games to gold subscribers.  People who would not normally buy XBLA games (me for example) might be more interested in doing so if they felt they were missing out on something.  And exposure is everything, if I don’t know a brand or a publisher, more than likely I am not going to make an investment.  Think about it, would you buy a game from an unknown publisher with no advertisement and weird box art as their main selling point?



A Better/More Efficient Headset –


  1. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s free with the system and I shouldn’t complain, but every time I try to have a conversation with someone my headset fails to work.  I’m ashamed to say how many headsets I own, just know that it’s a lot which makes me think there is a problem (and no it’s not user error because all you have to do it plug it in and make sure it’s on).  You would think that if you have a brand new controller and headset combo that things are set and you can just sit down and enjoy.  Wrong!  This has happened to me on several occasions and I need someone to fix it (hint, hint).



Cloud Saving –


  1. This is what PlayStation has: Saving on the cloud allows you to free up space on your hard drive.  Second, it allows you to keep your saves safe in a secure place in case your PlayStation 3 goes down or otherwise needs to be repaired. And better yet, your saves are tethered to your user name, so you can access them on any PS3 you choose, so long as you’re signed in.  (via IGN)


A) First of all, I want this because I have a ton of saved games, which means my hard drive free space is getting smaller and smaller.  This would have been ideal last summer when my Xbox was stolen (tragic I know).  I refuse to go back and play a few of my old games simply because I don’t have the save files and I feel like it would be a waste of my time to start from scratch with all the new games I still need to finish.  Epic Fail!

B) Secondly I want this because I want to be able to access my save from any console.  If I own 2 Xbox consoles, why can’t I access my games on each of them?

C) Lastly I want this feature because PS3 has it and if I am going to keep shoveling out money to Microsoft then I need to be rewarded.  Is that too much to ask?





Those are the three things I want most from my Xbox in the near future.  Hopefully, with next generation consoles peaking over the horizon Microsoft will start listening to their fans and throw us a few surprises that won’t drain our wallets.


Is there anything else that you would like to see on your next Xbox?