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Guest Post & Giveaway: John Garrett, the Creator of & Cool Comics

[image_border img=”” pos=”left”/]Hello everyone, and welcome to another exciting day here at Mother/Gamer/Writer. Today it is my pleasure to share with you all a guest post from the talented John Garrett, writer of an interesting, unique, and very hilarious comic, How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!  If you follow my blog then you should know I absolutely love comics and graphic novels. And I must say John’s is one of the best! Be on the lookout for my review later this week. 🙂 



So if you are ready to get your laugh on, I won’t hold you up any longer. Take it away John…








Sometimes you come across a man in your life who changes things for the better. He makes us re-examine our preconceived notions of right and wrong, and he helps us all work together to build a better future for us and our children.


Well, I’m not that guy. I’m just a guy who likes drawing cool comics and writing about Joomla, WordPress and other web stuff.


Hi, I’m John Garrett, the owner and operator of I’m a 39 year old artist and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. I’m here to talk about my ebook called “How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!”



[image_border img=”” pos=”left”/]I know that’s a long title but it was just too perfect so I couldn’t bring myself to shorten it.


Anyway, the book is about those difficult people we have to co-exist with in our daily work lives (and sometimes our personal lives). Many times we just can’t shake these annoying types, so the only thing we can do is learn how to deal with them.


I’m not saying it will be easy, and we probably won’t all make it out -but with the ‘Stupid Clowns’ book you’ll have a handy guide that you can use to deflect the “annoyance waves” from these guys. Trust me, the mere mention of this book is enough to cause a Stupid Clown to dry up and blow away like a tumbleweed!

[image_border img=”” pos=”right”/]Don’t believe me? Check out these testimonials:



I had to go deep undercover to accumulate all the inside info on the psychology and methodology of Stupid Clowns. I didn’t quite make it out unscathed, but my hope is that because of my work other people can save themselves some frustration and spare some sanity.










Finally, I decided I had enough information to take action:
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Also check out this video preview of what’s inside the book!




So I guess there you have it. Stupid Clowns are always around to plague us, but we don’t have to take it anymore! Join me and the ever growing army of people who know “How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!”


Thanks for reading and I’ll see you out there…

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Thanks John! Be sure to check out his website, I promise you won’t be disappointed!



~ The Giveaway~

One winner will receive an eBook version of How to Deal with Stupid Clowns who don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about!

As long as you are able to receive an eBook version of the book, this contest is open INTERNATIONALLY!!

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About the Author:
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Find John and His New Book:
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John Garrett is an artist, writer, web designer and all around capital fellow who prefers his food in sandwich form. Comics, Sci-fi, Fantasy and tech stuff are what hold his interest and also get him in trouble on a daily basis!