Character Interviews

Character Interview with Corinne, Mason, & Angeline from Pyxis

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Thanks to the lovely K.C. Neal, I had the pleasure of sitting down at the Finley family restaurant to chat with Corinne, Mason, and Angeline about the various happenings around Tapestry and what it’s like to be connected to the Pyxis.






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Let’s get the tough questions out of the way first…



Me: When we left you all, Mason and Corinne both saw something in the fire while you were dreaming. We know what Corinne saw, but the burning question is, what did you see Mason?

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Mason: That was some really freaky stuff. But it’s one of the things that drives me, makes me want to learn whatever it is I need to be able to protect Corinne, and the convergence, and Tapestry. The vision I had…. Well, it was my little brother, Ian. It’s not an easy thing to talk about. His eyes were pure black, swirling with that nasty fog that Corinne and I keep dreaming about. And his hands and shirt–the whole front of him, really–was spattered with what looked like blood. It was like I was seeing Ian’s evil twin, and it was just terrifying and chilling. I don’t know what it meant, if it was a vision or just a dream or what…. All I know is, we just can’t let our nightmares leak out into the world.


Me: Oh wow, I had no idea…




Me: I think I have a pretty good idea of who the second Guardian is. Who do you all think it could be?

Corinne: I’m thinking it’s my brother, Brad. That would be cool, actually. I mean yeah, he’s totally annoying sometimes, but I like the idea of keeping it in the family. I know I can trust him, and he’s known Ang as long as I have, and they definitely could work together.

Angeline: I don’t know, maybe Kaitlin? We hang out with her sometimes, and supposedly the Guardians are always people fairly well-known to the Pyxis, so she seems like a logical choice.

Mason: I don’t want to say. Corinne will punch me.

Corinne: What? Oh come on! Spill it.

Mason: Nope….

Me: Haha, I definitely know who he is referring to.[image_border img=”” pos=”left”/] *wink, wink*




Me: Did the website ever lead anywhere? If so can you give us a hint?

Corinne: Ugh, that stupid website! I just know if we could crack into that thing we’d have all kinds of answers.

Mason: Yeah, we haven’t made much progress. But I agree with Corinne, it’s got to contain some answers. My big question is: who created it? It didn’t come from Tapestry, as far as I can tell. And that can only mean one thing: that someone else knows about the pyxis and the convergence.

Angeline: Way to totally creep me out!

Me: Ugh, me too!!!




Me: Corinne, did you ever find out how your grandmother truly died? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a stroke. And what about your aunt Dorothy? Did she finally confide in you how she became ill?

Corinne: Yeah, I agree with you–I’d bet my iPod it wasn’t a stroke. Well, Aunt D hasn’t really explained it yet, but I’m thinking that her condition was caused by maybe an evil counterpart to the pyxis liquids. It kind of makes sense if you think about it, because the white liquid cured her. And because my grandmother died at the same time Aunt D got sick, well… maybe the same thing affected both of them. And for whatever reason, Aunt D survived it.

Me: Ah, I didn’t think of their being evil counterparts to the pyxis. Interesting…




Now on to the fun questions…
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Me: Corinne, name your top 3 favorite songs?

In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel, Born to Do by Everybody Else, and pretty much anything by the Beatles (I know, totally cheated with that one).




Me: Soooo…Ang, are you and Toby dating now?

Haha, yeah…. I guess you could say we are.

Me: *squeals*



Me: Hottie, err…I mean Mason, do you like being able to hear Corinne’s thoughts?

It’s pretty incredible. I know it annoys her because she doesn’t yet have great control over whether she’s projecting her thoughts to me or not. But being inside someone’s head like that, and being able to communicate without talking –what can I say? It’s awesome!



Me: Corinne, what’s your favorite meal or food to cook?
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I make a mean Coq au Vin, which is a chicken dish. And for dessert, my tiramisu is to die for. My grandmother’s recipes, of course.

Me: Geez…now I’m starving…





Me: This question is for anyone, what’s the latest juicy gossip from Tapestry High?

Corinne: Unfortunately, it’s Sophie and Bradly. Gag! They’ve actually been together for a few weeks, now. I can’t believe my brother would do this to me. It’s even harder to believe that he’s actually happy with her, but that seems to be the case.

Angeline: Awww, poor Corinne.

Corinne: Maybe you and Toby could do something crazy so people stop talking about Sophie and Brad? Like, I don’t know, announce that you’re engaged or something.

Angeline: That’s ridiculous. We’re 16 years old!

Corinne: Pretty please, Angeline?

Angeline: Ummm, NO!

 Me: (I saw Mason roll his eyes and fight back a laugh) You guys are too funny!




Thank you all for inviting me to lunch today. I had a great time catching up and I learned a lot about what’s in store for you guys in the future. Good luck and be safe, and we will see you all in the next book, Alight! Uh…now let’s eat…

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