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Deepak Chopra’s ‘Leela’: Body, Mind, Spirit, Play

Can video games become more than simply shooting other players, driving numbly around a race track, and looting villages on a quest to become king? According to the renowned mind-body guru Deepak Chopra, yes they can.

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Chopra has spent the past three years designing his debut game “Leela,” an interactive experience that aims to teach gamers how to achieve a peaceful and focused state of being. Using the ancient system of “chakras”, the game incorporates a serene environment along with relaxing music in order to help players relieve stress and achieve inner harmony.

Leela (which means “play” in Sanskrit), incorporates 43 interactive exercises that focus on the body’s seven energy centers. While it isn’t a game per se, what it does do is allow players to focus on moving their bodies to interact with on-screen imagery thereby creating a fully immersive experience with their gaming console.

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Key Features Include:
Rebalance and Revitalize: With groundbreaking technology, Deepak Chopra’s Leela uniquely combines physical activity and meditation to create a fully immersive experience using game consoles. On Kinect, Leela also allows players to utilize full-body gestures to relax their entire body.
Chakra-based Meditation: Through seven movements, users can focus their attention on specific parts of their bodies to relax and develop a “flow state.”
Stillness in Motion: For the first time ever, Kinect players will be able to measure their breathing and gain gentle feedback and encouragement to enhance meditation practices.
Create, Customize, Connected: Users can create a personal mandala (an artistic expression of an individual’s essence and focal point for meditation) and share it on Facebook.
Wellness Made Personal: Deepak Chopra’s Leela utilizes the player’s own abilities to help cultivate a healthier, harmonious and more balanced life.

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The Seven Chakras:

  1. Root or Muladhara: Located at the base of the spine, its element is earth and it affects our sense of stability, safety, and smell. To stimulate this Chakra, players will be shifting their hips left and right.
  2. Lower Belly or Svadisthana: Located in the sacrum, its element is water and it guides our sensuality, vitality, and potency. To stimulate this Chakra, players will be twisting their hips to the left and right.
  3. Navel or Manipura: Located above the navel at the solar plexus, this Chakra element is fire and it affects our ability to realize our desires. To stimulate this Chakra, players will be using their arms to blast through rocks.
  4. Heart or Anahata: Located at the center of the body its element is air and it allows us to give and receive unconditional love. To stimulate this Chakra, players will be twisting their bodies to the left and right.
  5. Throat or Vishuddha: Located at the throat, it guides our creativity and power of communication allowing our voices to be heard. To stimulate this Chakra, players will be reaching out in front of them to trigger sound waves.
  6. Third Eye or Ajna: Located at in the forehead this Chakra’s element is light and affects our insight and sense of intuition. To stimulate this Chakra, players will learn the patterns to travel the channels of consciousness by moving their upper bodies left and right to spin the channel.
  7. Crown or Sahaswara: Located above the top of the head its element is pure thought, and gives us a sense of oneness with all. To stimulate this Chakra, players will glide as far as they can by using their arms to steer up and down, left and right.




Leela is a remarkable game from publisher THQ and developer Curious Pictures. It will make its debut next week November 11, 2011 on the Xbox 360 and Wii consoles.




Please note all information, images, and videos for this game was provided by a represenative for the  Leela Outreach Team.