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New Mass Effect Novel

Announced Tuesday April 5, 2011, a new fourth novel to prequel the highly anticipated science-fiction role-playing game, Mass Effect 3. The newest book picks up threads and characters from previous novels to weave new stories into the Mass Effect universe.

Mass Effect: Deception will chronicle the story of Gillian Grayson. According to the press release, the story follows the powerful biotic girl in the time after her harsh imprisonment and dangerous experimentation at the hands of Cerberus. After being rescued, Grayson will begin her journey to master her extraordinary powers. Her efforts will be hindered by a dangerous radical group who force her to make a choice between her destiny and the fate of humanity.

The new novel is being penned by the notable sci-fi author William C. Dietz. He is the best-selling author of more than thirty novels and has written for other gaming related franchises including Star Wars, Starcraft, Resistance, and Halo.

The novel is expected to arrive in mass market paperback September 2011 as posted on the Goodreads website.

Maybe we can see the new characters and plot in Mass Effect 3???