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Sarum Hill: Short Story by Laurie Bowler

October is finally coming to a close and I want to thank UK author Laurie Bowler for being a part of the site and taking the time to share her writing with my readers. To conclude her her month long feature, Laurie has written a Short Story for Mother/Gamer/Writer.


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Sarum Hill is a place where the ancient grounds of English heritage remains a tourist icon. Everyone knows the Romans, Normans and Saxons have all left their own mark. Many have died, and others have lived and fled due to war from centuries ago, all except the evil spirits that lurk in the shadows.

Evil surrounds the ancient burial, once a year they are at their all time high, manifesting themselves and seeking the pure blood of an unsuspecting human.

Clarity Jones, her ideas had been dynamic to date, and her hunt to search for souls of the ancient past to prove her many theories of the ancient ones that walked the earth before her own generation, had been relentless.

For years she’d searched relentlessly in the hope of finding threads of evidence, in the name of scientific research it had been plain to all to see that the evidence wasn’t clarified enough to be published against the records.

Clarity decides upon the evening of Halloween she would camp on the hill itself, and meet the old ancient ghosts and spirits that have been renowned to manifest and cause mayhem to those that dare to enter their territory.

“Are you sure you want to go ahead with this?” Geoff asked sitting behind his desk with his laptop open.

Geoff was the main man behind the operation, the programmes he had developed had been able to divert and separate the good spirits from the bad, and hence making the areas safe for them to be able to carry out their research. On some occasions, he had managed to have conversations with the spirits that chose to manifest, and by doing this, the research they had collected had been good, but not good enough for Zane, the scientist that had won multi awards for his own experiments.

“I’m sure,” Clarity, sighed rolling her eyes over at Geoff. “There’s no need to come with me. Just show me how to record the spirits and how I can talk to them and we can have a brilliant catalogue of evidence by morning.”

Geoff leant towards her in his chair, his glasses perched on the end of his narrow nose, his greasy hair flicked to the side, he was not attractive but he was the most decent and up front, man Clarity had found that did not want to paw at her slender figure. Being average height, brown hair and a figure most women would die for, she would have found it hard to get by without a co-worker trying to get her into bed!

Sighing and relenting to the wishes of Clarity, Geoff typed systematic instructions on how to use the relevant programmes, and sat back. His eyes held the worried gleam while he stared across at Clarity and silently wondered if he was doing the right thing by letting her go alone to the hill.

The rumours had been rife, they had all heard of the evil spirits that manifested once a year and claimed at one life of someone that happened to be passing across the hill, and thus disturbing their cruel and evil intentions, and it happened to be Halloween the spirits rose from their gruesome graves and stole the pure souls.

“Right,” Clarity stood up from her chair and slung her bag over her shoulder. “I’m off. Catch you tomorrow, and we’ll have enough evidence to provide proof that the spirits really do exist.”

Geoff tried hard to smile, the worry lay beneath his demeanour as he watched Clarity walk away with the folded paper that contained the instructions of the programme he had developed and created.

Oblivious to his stare Clarity walked away and entered the chilly October evening, the sun had already long since faded since they had worked late today to get the preparations in place for her lone investigation to go ahead.

She headed on down the high street to her car, the red sleek sports car that had been her present from her current boyfriend sat on the road, a welcome sign of a relaxing drive ahead of her, the thirty-minute drive across the city to the Sarum site.

Singing softly to herself she climbed in and relaxed against the leather seats, feeling the coolness of the leather against the back of her seats, she leant over and patted her laptop lovingly, smiling with the knowledge of the evidence she knew she would collect.

It wasn’t greed that drove her to the Sarum site alone, but it was a matter of knowing something existed over there, and it was only a matter of time before her opposition, Jeremy Blake, collected the evidence. He was odious and had thwarted many attempts of Clarity’s, and had beaten her to the chase of ghost hunting on many occasions, but after careful inspecting Clarity had found out that Jeremy was busy with one of his females tonight and would not be out collecting evidence, leaving her to delve as deep as she wished.

Slowly Clarity manoeuvred her car effortlessly through the traffic and arrived at the lower section of the hill, she pulled her car slowly and carefully onto the rocky small narrow road and swung around and climbed the snaky hill towards the centre.

Clarity arrived and carried her backpack and laptop to the centre of the hill, midnight rapidly approached and the moon was already shining down on the giant remains of the ancestors.



The midnight hour struck, Clarity sat on top of the hill, laptop set up with all the technology around her. She smiled into the darkness, the mist of the spirits had already gathered into a foggy mist directly in front of her, and they were rapidly surrounding her in all areas of the ancient stones.

“Come on,” she whispered.

Carefully she switched the voice denominator on to catch any ghostly conversations, a slow whirring sound pitched into the headphones she wore in her ears.

Slowly they manifested, moaning, growling and creating a chill in the air that Clarity could only define as dangerous and dark.

She was rarely scared, but the darkness, the mist and the smell of something sinister wrapped itself around her location, dragging her into a mindless state, she breathed and gently calmed herself, and it was not supposed to be this way.

A low growl erupted from the far corner, somewhere a dog howled. Clarity shivered and watched fascinated as dark shadows danced across the remains of Sarum hill. She shivered, the sweat began to gather in her palms as the spirits started to manifest. Swirling grey and black clouds started to take shape into that of a human form, the outline was clear but hollow as if nothing existed inside the swirling darkness they created.

Low moans, growls and hisses erupted from all around Clarity as she knelt in the centre with her open laptop; the readings of paranormal activity began to leap off the meter causing the laptop’s programme to bleep painfully loud in the darkness.

Clarity stood up, they appeared in front of her, their souls ragged and decrepit as they allowed her to see their true sinister nature, slowly they advanced.

Growling and whispering nonsense, happily they reached out a foggy arm like motion and reached inside her chest, pulling free her soul.

Clarity’s soulless body dropped to the floor, as she was dragged back into the depths of the hellish place these monsters from Sarum Hill had originated from!