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Daily Goodie Box Unboxing: February 2017 Free Samples

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Hey guys! Today I have a special treat for everyone that I’m excited to share. You all know how much I love subscription boxes and testing new products, and with the growing popularity of subscription services, there’s always a new one for me to try out. Today, I’d happy to share will you all The Daily Goodie Box. The Daily Goodie Box is one I hadn’t heard of before being approached to review their samples; however, I am pleasantly surprised to say I LOVE The Daily Goodie Box!


What is The Daily Goodie Box? It’s a 100% FREE (so freebie lovers GRAB this one) goodie box service that sends out full-sized items and samples monthly. What can you expect in your box? You may get a variety of products to try such as snacks, household items, drinks, cleaning products and more from name brand companies.


How does it work? Simply become a member for FREE and complete your profile. Depending on your demographic and what you like, if you qualify for a box, one will be shipped to you FREE of charge! All they ask in return is for an honest review.


Now, let’s check out those full-sized products in the February 2017 box!







Daily goodie box open box
My package arrived around the second week of February, shipped in a nice box. Upon opening it, I was surprised to find my items nicely wrapped in blue tissue paper with a card on top. There were also coupons in the box for me to use at a later date.




Just Chill - Tropical Flavor
The first item I received was the JUST CHILL drink in a calming Tropical Flavor. Now, I’m not big on energy drinks (or anything that resembles an energy drink) but I did find that this one did not bother me as bad. The flavor was as stated, tropical, and it tasted a lot smoother than other energy drinks I’ve tried. The Just Chill drinks are supposed to be for stress relief. I’m not sure if I felt calmer after drinking it, but hey, with all the vitamins and minerals in the drink it couldn’t hurt to have another sip right? Just Chill has a retail value of $22 for a 12 pack.




Vermont Smoke and Cure - Cracked Pepper Beef and Pork Sticks and Dream Water
Next I received one Vermont Smoke & Cure Stick – Cracked Pepper Beef & Pork Sticks. These sticks are rafted with lean beef and pork, cracked pepper and a classic mix of spices for nourishing stick of protein. These are great for kids and parents who are always on the go and need a protein pick me up during the day. And they are SO YUMMY. They have a retail value of $33 for a pack of 24.
Also in my box was a sample of Dream Water which retails for $7 for a pack of 5. This I have not tried yet. I am very cautious of taking sleep aids because I have a small child and I do not want to be so knocked out I can’t hear her. But, I did give this to my boyfriend who, according to him, rested wonderfully.




XyliChew - Spearmint and coffee blocks
Another sample I was curious about was the Coffee Blocks Butter Coffee, retail value of $24 per 8 packs. Each pack is said to contain: grass fed clarified butter, organic virgin coconut oil, organic vanilla extract, organic egg yolk, and mycotoxin free coffee. It’s also rich in nutrients and a great way to energize your day with good fats and oils. Now to me, butter coffee does not sound like something I would normally purchase. My boyfriend and I did try it out shockingly; we were both surprised by the flavor! It had a very smooth taste and with a little added Splenda it made my day!
I also received a pack of XyliChew Gum in Spearmint. I didn’t get to try this one because my 7 year old claimed it as her own. She loved the flavor and assured me it the gum was awesome. The main reason I allowed her to commandeer the gum was because Xylichew is made with no artificial chemicals or sweeteners, and promotes good mouth health. It’s also safe for those with diabetes or food allergies, and it’s gluten-free and sugar/aspartame-free! This is the one pack of gum I can get behind.




Gorilly Goods pack
Another item in the box my daughter and I both enjoyed was the sample of Gorilly Goods COAST – SWEET CURRY CASHEW. Ingredients include: Organic Cashews, Organic Raisins, Organic Coconut, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Curry, Organic Cayenne and Sea Salt. This is another fabulously organic healthy snack. Retail value $26 for a pack of 8.




FIg Bar
Our next OMG THIS IS AWESOME snack (and my daughter’s absolute favorite) was the Nature’s Bakery – Raspberry Fig Bar. When I say this fig bar is delicious, I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been trying to get mini-me to eat a fig bar for years. YEARS I say. And finally, I’ve found one she absolutely adores! This is also the perfect snack for her because its whole wheat, soy free, dairy free, contains no artificial flavors or colors, and No High Fructose Corn Syrup! Retail value $10 for a box of 12.



Aloha - Daily Good Greens
The only product from the box I didn’t try was the ALOHA Green – Whole Food Powder, Chocolate Blend. I am not a chocolate eater, and really no one in my immediate family is. I passed this sample on to a friend.




Nellie's All-Natural - Laundry Soda Packs
One of my personal favorites from the Daily Goodie Box was the sample pack (which was HUGE by the way) of Nellie’s All-Natural – Laundry Soda Packs. I LOVE all natural detergent. My daughter — as do many people in my family — has very sensitive skin when it comes to laundry detergent. So, I try to purchase — when possible — products to prevent her from having a break out. This detergent is highly concentrated and requires one tablespoon for use. It works fantastic and the smell is something moms will love! I highly recommend it. Retail value $25 for a 2 pack which washes up to 50 loads.



Jack N' Jill - Natural Toothpaste - raspberry flavor
My daughter also enjoyed the tube of Jack N’ Jill – Natural Toothpaste – raspberry flavor. As any mom knows, sometimes getting your child to brush their teeth can be a nightmare, especially if they have to deal with strong flavors. Thankfully, this toothpaste had a pleasant taste Seanna enjoyed and she loved that it didn’t make her mouth super hot. She highly recommends it for other kids! Retail value $11 for 1.76oz (Pack of 2).



Herrs Tangy BBQ Popped Chips
Last but certainly not least, I received and DEVOURED a bag of Herr’s Tangy BBQ Popped Chips. Talk about AH-MAZE-ING! These chips resembled rice cakes; however, they didn’t taste (to me) like a rice cake. The flavor was probably one of the BEST BBQ flavors I’ve ever tasted. Needless to say, mommy didn’t share these with anyone! Retail value $44 for 15 bags.






Daily Goodie Box all unboxed
Final thoughts, The Daily Goodie Box is one of my favorite free sample boxes! I love that I get full-sized samples and that these are new-to-me products I can share with all the members of my family. I also enjoyed that mostly everything was GOOD FOR ME. Organic, all natural products that also taste good and work well are sometimes hard to come by. And now, I have new companies and brands that I can purchase regularly that I wouldn’t have considered if it weren’t for the goodie box. So, thank you Daily Goodie Box!


love verdict




Daily Goodie Box sent me this  free box in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my thoughts nor the contents of this review.