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Weekly Musing: Enjoy the Moments

Reflections of a sleep deprived, writing and gaming 30 something mommy, on a journey to reclaim life.

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6:07 am.

Technically, I woke up at 4 something, started/finished two loads of laundry, checked Facebook, returned a few emails, doodled a concept for Contaminated Minds, and wrote a blog post (now I know what my mom was doing all those years ago when I’d catch her sneaking around in the early am). I don’t know if its normal behavior to work at random hours, but I do, always have. And as I look back over the list of goals I made for 2016, I realized one important thing I forgot to include … sleep.


For me, sleep does not come easy. Thanks to a very active mind and anxiety, sleep or rather good sleep, is rare. Five solid hours is a great night. Often sleep gets lost between, waiting for my darling boyfriend to come home from work, motherly duties, managing the three of us, a household and career.


Because I LOVE it. No seriously, I love my hectic/crazy/spontaneous/eccentric life.


Yes, it’s true, when you have a full-time job it can seem like days are always repeating – the same exact day morning and night –  and they drag on forever. To be honest, before I lost it, I adored my 9 to 5. It was my life.  My career was a prize I’d worked toward for years. I love to work. I love making connections, staying busy, getting up and going somewhere with a purpose. Work is important for sanity. However, this past week I realized how much I missed being present in my home. The funny random moments at 11 am I might have missed. The early morning breakfast with the love of my life who works 3rd shift. My daughter’s school field trips and assemblies or middle of the day doctors’ appointments, and the ability to try new hobbies. These are the moments I now live for, every single day. I cherish these moments because I know, when I return to work, they will pass in the blink of an eye.


So, moral of this post, cherish those moments. Big or small moments don’t happen often. Take them when they come. Smile when they happen. Live inside the seconds.


You have one life … enjoy it.



Here are just  a few moments that happened in my life last week…




Halo First Strike Quote-min

I caught up with an old friend. #TeamMasterChief forever! If you haven’t read Halo: First Strike or any books in the Halo series … I highly recommend giving them a try. Great science fiction even if you don’t play video games.





Shooting Range

I shot a gun for the first time. Honeybunch was a doll face and held me close (I’m a shaker guys, I’m a shaker). After a while, I was killing zombies like a pro!





eat read repeat bag-min

I don't love you bag-min

jane austen northanger abbey-min

Sis and I updated our Contaminated Minds shop. You can check out all our geeky designs on Redbubble and Society 6.





MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge

I purchased new facial care items from Amazon. Two sponges, MY Konjac Sponge All Natural Korean Facial Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal  and the All Natural Fiber Volcanic Scoria Facial Sponge from MY KONJAC SPONGE, along with the Blueberry Oxygen Facial Scrub from Pure Body Naturals. So far I’m in LOVE with it all. I’ll have a review for you guys soon!





put put-min

Lastly, what’s a week without family fun? Babe and I took little diva to Adventure Land. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.





ipsy all march 2016 resized-min
If you missed it, you can now read my latest Ipsy Review. Don’t forget to ask me how you can save on your purchase today!









Thanks for listening to my Sunday reflections. Did anyone else have an adventurous week? Let me know in the comments!